Saturday 21 March 2015

Week 12 Project 365

A busy week and an unexpected visit from MIL. This weeks 2 photo prompts have taken quite a bit of planning and thought as to how to incorporate them both into one photograph. We've had rain this week and cloudy skies but the temperature has been in the mid 30s c. I've spent a fair amount of the week in the souks, searching for ribbons and material for my nieces wedding in the UK next week and I've been making scarves to sell to raise funds for education in South Africa.

Day 74 #onedailypositive #small #fmsphotoaday #mothersday #snaphappybritmums #project365

Went out for lunch with friends to celebrate a birthday. The staff provided us with an ice cream cake and a small gesture to wish all us mum's a Happy Mother's Day.

Day 75 #onedailypositive #after #fmsphotoaday #green #snaphappybritmums #project365

It rained in Dubai today, it doesn't rain much and by 'doesn't rain much' I mean it's like standing under a slow dripping tap. Brilliant photo prompt then?....'after' the rain, the 'green' grass grows, but what grass there is, relies heavily on constant watering. So today's picture is taken 'after' a long day (7am-4pm) walking around the souks in Naif looking at roll 'after' roll of mint 'green' material for my nieces wedding.

Day 76 #onedailypositive #hobby #fmsphotoaday #holidaydreaming #snaphappybritmums #project365

I'm combining 2 of my favourite things for today's photo prompts. Except I'm not dreaming of a holiday, mine are already booked and this year I'm off to the UK in April for my nieces wedding. Canada in June to visit my twitter buddy @alwaysaredhead. The UK again in September for my son's passing out parade and Oct/Nov to South Africa for the Santa Shoebox Project. Plus being new in Dubai, most days are like a holiday while I explore new places. But my hobby? I love to sew, at the moment I'm making bunting and table cloths for my nieces wedding, I'm also making scarves and bags which I will be selling to raise funds for education back in South Africa.

Day 77 #onedailypositive #text #fmsphotoaday #cute #snaphappybritmums #project365

Here is one on my 'cute' 'texts' son no 3 sends on a regular basis. The reason for his hair cut? He's joined the army.
Living in Dubai my family use social media to keep in touch including my mother. We have 5 children, 4 are adults and 1 still at school, the eldest is disabled so we rely on contact from her carers, son no 1, doesn't use any form of communication, but he girlfriend does. Son no 2 chats occasionally, son no 3 is on Facebook, twitter and instagram and we hear from him daily. Son no 4 is in boarding school and the building is really old and the walls are very thick so he gets his messages on whatsapp and the only time he contacts us is when he needs money. Mother is on FB daily and reads my blog and we 'chat' though out the day as well as Skype and phone calls.

Day 78 #onedailypositive #private #fmsphotoaday #eat #snaphappybritmums #project365

How can I incorporate private and eat into one photo? Having 5 children I've learnt to keep my sweetie stash hidden from them, however they've all left home now. But I still keep my secret (private) stash hidden away to eat. On a positive note, my youngest is coming to visit the end of the month.

Day 79 #onedailypositive #handdrawn #fmsphotoaday #healthyeggmeals #snaphappybritmums #project365

Again another difficult combination of photo prompts and after racking my brain I decided I'd doodle on an egg, but it's so hot here that the egg, combined with the air con on full blast, was damp on the surface and the marker pen just wouldn't work and I feared if I kept the egg out the fridge too long in another room it would cook.

Day 80 #onedailypositive #sunflare #fmsphotoaday #stripes #snaphappybritmums #project365

With the sun shining everyday in Dubai a sun flare was always going to be an easy option, but the week started cloudy and grey and it actually rained on Monday so I was a bit worried I wouldn't be able to catch a sun flare this week. So instead I've revisited a trip to Kruger National Park last September was hoping for a photo with a zebra to incorporate stripes but the sun has done that for me on this photo of an elephant.


  1. I have overlocker envy! Love the colour of the ribbons, social media and Skype are a life saver for keeping in touch with our family too #365

  2. I'm quite excited about your visit to Canada in June!

    1. me too its going to be great on 3 counts. 1) i get to meet you, 2) I've never been to Canada and 3) i get to go somewhere hubby HASN'T been lol

  3. In the 30s! wow! Its raining here - but we have had some sunny days x