Friday 20 March 2015

Drinking water in Dubai

There's a very good reason we buy bottled water in Dubai

There'a another good reason we bought a water cooler in Dubai
This is the colour of the water out of the tap

Tap water left, bottled water right

This is the temperature of the water from the outside tap
This is the temperature of the water from the kitchen tap
By midday the water is running clearer, but we still don't drink it


  1. Normally I would not agree with drinking bottled water, but in your case, you have a good argument just by looking at it. Is it just because of the heat, it is the colour of pee?

    1. it does run clearer as the day goes on, all restaurants serve bottled water only and it is very cheap, plus the water we buy is all local to the middle east

  2. the water is heating up now as we get closer to summer