Tuesday 24 March 2015

Dubai Street festival 2015

Having bought this week's Time Out Magazine as I do every week and checked out the 'free stuff' I headed off to Dubai Marina Mall for the evening, for the 5th Street Festival.

The event is well advertised both in and out of the mall and a schedule of events, with details of artists, times for each day and location, is available from the welcome desk as well as found on twitter, face book and Instagram

I couldn't locate the artists I wanted to see as it had rained earlier in the day and the schedule had been juggled around to bring the artists indoors. Having arrived at 5pm, the acts were mainly aimed at children and being an adult on my own with a Nikon camera I felt a little conspicuous so watched the acts from a distance.

If you have young children I'd recommend you head down there from 4pm -10pm every day up till the 28th March.

 Jack Flash engaged the audience and invited them to help out in his act
I particularly enjoyed The Saw Guy although I was surprised to hear him play a saw and not saw his assistant in half as I'd expected him to be doing.  

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