Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Dogs for adoption in Dubai with Animal Tales

Late last year I made an appeal in a face book group for donations of old bedding and material so I could make up some dog beds for various animal organisations in Dubai. I'd fostered a couple of dogs for a short period, successfully helping them get their forever homes through some basic house training and social media. But it wasn't something Peter was keen on doing on a regular basis and it was upsetting the cat, introducing new dogs into the family. Bob certainly wasn't put out and seemed to enjoy having them around. So 2017 is going to be a year of supporting the various organisations through social media, walking and socialising foster dogs and collecting and donating items for the organisations to use such as bedding and food.

My mum was visiting and finding the weather too hot she helped run up several dog beds, which have been donated to Dog Walk, Doggies Palace and My Second Home, companies who work with rescue organisations.

I've made a couple of visits to Doggies Palace to walk Pheonix who was rescued back in June but is sadly living in kennels. Bob and Phoenix had a chance to meet in a supervised environment, both on their leads to see how they got on, to see if Pheonix can be integrated into a family with other dogs or whether he must be the only dog.

We left a couple of presents for Pheonix and will be visiting him some more this month.

I haven't been back to see Phoenix yet, as I've been helping out with Rory, she was found a couple of weeks ago, no microchip and around 18 months of age. I can't foster, but I can have her home in the afternoons so she can have some time out of her cage and socialise. She walks well on a lead and travels ok in a car as long as she is secured safely.

Rory would make a lovely addition to any home, with or without other dogs.

 We had a visitor over Christmas the New Year. Jelly and her owners arrived in Dubai in October. They spent the holidays with family, so we offered Jelly a place to stay rather than her go into kennels. 

 After our visit to meet Santa we also attended a carol concert for humans and hounds at My 2nd Home. We've also lined up quite a few other playdates at various locations and I'm looking forward to friday meet ups with Jelly and her owners.

 Bob and Jelly got on very well together and Jelly is certainly missed already. I'm sure Bob is perfectly fine, as is Jelly now they are apart, but having 2 dogs was really nice and they played together none stop as well as constantly looking at me like this, every time I entered the kitchen.

I also took Bob to soft play and there have been trips out into the desert.

There are also a lot of stray cats in our neighbourhood, this one turned up a few weeks ago, I've been feeding her/him, but can't get close enough to check for a microchip.


  1. I love how all the dogs look so healthy. This is such a good cause. Our Doc btw, can't have a soft bed. We bought him one and he ripped it to pieces the next day. Got him another, did the same. He has one of those plastic beds. I keep giving him blankets to put on top, but only lasts a night or so before he also rips them to pieces. Sigh #animaltales.

    1. i've just had to clean up a ripped bean bag, that Rory took a fancy to

  2. What a fabulous thing you are doing for those dogs. I hope they find the right homes!

    1. oh so do i, and soon, it's heartbreaking sometimes

  3. Hi Suzanne, what you are doing is wonderful. It is heartbreaking to see dogs abandoned and unloved as they are such loyal and devoted creatures. Your photos of the dogs are lovely and it's a shame you can't foster on a regular basis as Bob would be in his element.

    It is nice having more than one dog as they do keep each other company. Out two youngest dogs are around five and nine months and tire each other out perfectly. It is also fun to watch.

    I love the name Jelly, very different.


    1. i would foster more often but this is our home and there can be quite a bit of damage done with new dos with behaviour issues sadly

  4. I would love to foster but I think I would find it too hard to say goodbye to the dogs when they are re-homed - so my ad hoc canine hotel is a good alternative ie friends leaving dogs here when they are away. In fact this is the first week in absolutely ages that we have no extras here and I can't decide if Saari is missing her friends or glad for a bit of peace and quiet and not losing her bed to some-one else. I've told her 2 are coming back on Thursday, though!

    Oh and this line in your blog made me chuckle - "I also took Bob to soft play and there have been trips out into the desert." - somehow that could only be written by a dog owner in Dubai ;)

    Thanks for adding all these lovely animals to #AnimalTales and I look forward to more details of them all over the coming year.

    1. yep, only in dubai soft play and visits to father christmas for dogs