Friday 13 March 2020

A weeks holiday (staycation) in Dubai

Living abroad means we get lots of visitors, from family and friends to colleagues. Some are just passing through on their travels and stop with us for a day or two. Some are here with work and stay in hotels and we meet up for dinner. Others come solely for the purpose of visiting us.

We love having visitors, but we have to keep reminding ourselves we're not on holiday and it can get quite tiring and expensive, especially when Peter is at work or day, or our visitors stick to their own timescale and we're hanging around wondering if they'll be back for dinner or are eating out.

Since the kids left home, managing visitors is easier, no school runs to stick to and less cleaning. However the cat and dog have added to our stress when we have visitors due to not letting the cat outside and the dog being over fed.

But now it's just Peter and I. The cat and dog relocated to the UK last month. My MIL is looking after them while I'm out in Dubai for 3 weeks.

So what have we done this week?

Our friends arrived late on Friday night, quick tour of the house, a drink, chat and off to bed.

I didn't go in to most of these attractions as I've done them numerous times over the years. I will go if a friend or family member travels on their own, but otherwise I just wander around, shop and drink coffee.

I've added photos taken this week and the links are to old blog posts written at the time of my first visit to each place.

Saturday The Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, a quick visit to Yas Mall and the Ferrari world shop, calling in at the liquor store then to the supermarket to buy sausages and steak for a BBQ in the garden. We exploded all the myths about Dubai in one day.

Sunday Boat trip from the Marina to the Creek and a visit to the souks, lunch and driverless train back to the Marina, home and dinner in the garden.

Monday The Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and the aquarium. We watched the fountains and had lunch together. We drove home via Ras Al Khor Nature Reserve to see the flamingos.

Tuesday A visit to the Souk Madinat for coffee with views of the Burj Al Arab. Then off to The Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Miracle Gardens and met Peter after work at Global Village for dinner.

Wednesday Off to the beach, then our visitors were collected mid afternoon for a desert safari.

Thursday Off to the Frame, then dropped visitors off at Dubai Mall for them to do some shopping  Out for dinner in the evening.

The next lot of visitors arrive on Monday morning, we'll be repeating a lot of the same trips. The beach on Monday and a BBQ. Tuesday the Ferry trip, but they will go on their own and I will drive to the Creek to show them around then drive home rather than catch the train. Wednesday will be the Souk Madinat and Mall of the Emirates, then they'll go on the desert safari. Thursday to the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall and dinner out in the evening. They fly home on the Friday.


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful week. Dubai is an amazing place and it looks like there's so much to do and see. x

    1. I'm always amazed at how much there is to do in Dubai, new places opening weekly

  2. What a busy and fun staycation with your friends. Dubai is beautiful and so exotic!

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