Friday 9 October 2020

Who would you give a Box of Favours to?

I'm busy sorting Christmas and Birthday gifts before I return to Dubai in November so when I was asked to share a Box of Favours in collaboration with them, I couldn't resist. 

My husband and I have been apart for most of covid, with me arriving in the UK on Day 2 of lockdown with the borders in Dubai closing behind me. He was able to get to the UK in August for 3 weeks, we isolated for 2 weeks and the 3rd week was spent with social distanced visits with family and friends in their gardens.

I then returned to Dubai for 3 weeks where I spent most of my time closing down bank accounts, selling my car as we were in mid relocation when covid hit.

During the 2 weeks we isolated when my husband visited the UK we spent our time doing all the remaining jobs to our family home, that we had rented out for the past 10 years, that I was either unable to do myself, or couldn't get tradesmen in to do due to the virus.

Lockdown has been an interesting time and very lonely for the both of us, although we've had lots to do to keep us occupied, me with the house, my husband with work. But there are quite a few things I have missed and the most important one is that no one made me a cup of tea for 3 months and no one just gives me a cuddle to say 'are you ok?' 

Box of favours isn't just a once off gift, it requires you to actually do something to accompany the gift and after signing the contract and presenting the box of favours you have to be prepared to fulfil the instructions on the card when it is presented to you.

 “It is not how much you give, but how much love you put into giving” – Mother Teresa

There are 10 pre printed cards and 5 blank for you to write your own message on. I will be giving this Box of Favours to my husband and slightly bending the rules on this. You're only supposed to present one card per day and have up to year to use them. however, the Cuddle card can be exchanged when ever he wants and the 1 hour peace and quiet card will be removed.

I'll have to be inventive with what I write on the other cards to make sure I benefit from this gift giving. I'm sure my husbands favourite will be the 'I win this debate'

The founder of Box of Favours, Ben will donate $1 to the charity 'One Tree Planted' for every box sold.

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