Friday 20 August 2021

20th-22nd August 2021 - Post Comment Love and family time.

Welcome back to #PoCoLo with Stephanie from Life at 139a and I. 

The weather has been lovely and we've had a visit from child 4 and his pregnant wife as well as spending time with child 2, his wife and our almost 2yo grandchild.

We've fallen into a pattern of going out once a week somewhere, food shopping, daily dog walks with occasional pub/coffee stops, food shopping and visiting family.

We're keeping busy with home improvements, craft projects, sorting out the garden, making curtains, cooking and watching TV.  

Our eldest child lives in a care home in Gloucester and we visit once a fortnight. We have to hope the weather is nice so we can be outside with her, she refuses to keep a hood on and in the winter won't wear a hat or gloves. It's difficult to socially distance in her home that she shares with 2 other residents with 2 staff on each shift, so we usually end up in supermarkets if it's raining or particularly cold, so we're going to switch our food shops over to Gloucester when the weather is wet. She has complex needs so having her overnight might not be a good idea, but we'll give it a try at some point. 

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  1. Oh I hope the weather holds out so you can enjoy some outdoor time with your daughter! Thanks for hosting the party! Happy weekend.


    1. the weather has been perfect for outdoor visits

  2. I hope the weather holds too. I love reading your posts. But my favorites are the dog and kitty photos!!