Tuesday 24 August 2021

Things to do on August Bank Holiday Weekend in the UK

We certainly won't be going out this weekend, other than walking the dog and we'll even stay away from the Malvern Hills that are on our doorstep, as there are just too many people on them on weekends, let alone a bank holiday one.

We may see our grandchild, either at theirs in the Forest of Dean of they'll come here, but it'll be garden based weather permitting, if not, it'll be indoors where both houses have plenty of room to socially distance in, grandchild permitted.

So what else will we be doing to entertain ourselves?

  • BBQ regardless of the weather. We've got a large umbrella outside to BBQ under
  • Proper breakfast at the table (there's room for two inside, while we plan our new kitchen and use the dining room for storage)
  • Picnic lunches in the garden or conservatory
  • TV dinners
  • Movies
  • Pamper sessions (for me) 5 mins peace and quiet for Peter
  • DIY in the shed for Peter
  • There are photos and pictures to be hung on the wall
  • Hang curtain tracks in spare room and conservatory (Peter) Make curtains (Me)
  • Letter writing for Postcards of Kindness
  • Eating chocolate, cakes, biscuits, drinking alcohol
  • More TV and rest
Do you have any plans?


  1. I had actually forgotten it was a bank holiday weekend. We have no plans at all.
    Great ideas. It sounds like you have some great plans x

  2. I love a Bank Holiday weekend at home and hate visiting anywhere with crowds of people. I have to say that when my children were small home based picnics were enjoyed. When my grandchildren come now and the weather doesn't play ball, they love to put a small tent up in the conservatory.
    Some great ideas to enjoy each others' company.

    1. I've got a tent in the garden planned for the weekend

  3. What a lovely list of fun things to do during the Bank Holiday x #pocolo