Saturday 28 August 2021

August 2021 One Daily Positive, Project365. Getting pinged, fully unpacked and jelly shortage

I got my numbers out of sync, thankfully only from mid July so didn't take too long to rectify.
I've not been feeling the best emotionally for the past few months. It's been a huge lifestyle change adapting back to life in the UK full time and with Peter retired, it's taken some adjusting as we've spent so long living apart, not just due to covid but for the past 4 years as we've juggled two lives in different countries.

I feel I'm in a better place now, calmer, relaxed and actually enjoying a slower speed of life. I've picked up the blogging again and it's just so nice having everything in one place and at hand. Although sadly the migraines have returned. A whole week affected by them.

I don't miss travelling at all, but we've just passed the two year mark since I last saw child 3 who lives in Australia and it's been 4 years since my husband saw him. 

We've started to notice the food shortages (delivery drivers) but other than supermarkets the only other place we've been shopping has been in DIY shops and garden centres. Now we've got everything in one place our need to shop has reduced greatly, especially with clothes, toiletries and general household items.

We got pinged again, the same place in Gloucester as the last time a few weeks ago, I was asked a series of questions and told to go about my normal business, Peter was told to isolate for 5 days. We've both deleted the app now and LFT was negative.

Day 213 - 243
213 a lovely walk with a friends and the dogs

214 blackberry picking

215 chilling out in the garden

216 we got pinged

217 doesn't matter if it's raining, I just sit in my shed

218 LFT negative, but we continue to isolate

219 decided to sort out the dining room and kitchen boxes

220 another rainy day but the dog won't walk round to the kitchen door

221 ready for the charity shop

222 what is it with kids and sticks

223 there appears to be a jelly shortage

224 child 4 and his pregnant wife are visiting for the weekend, we walked the dog at Croome Park

225 child 2, his wife and our grandchild joined us for the afternoon and night. We went into Worcester in the day and had a BBQ in the evening.

226 a 5 mile walk after breakfast and a wedding do from June in the evening.

227 migraine, in bed all day

228 another PJ day, did some washing and ironing and made beds

229 went to look at kitchen, didn't see this sign until we were leaving the field

230 a trip to Gloucester to visit child 1

231 had enough of the butterfly/caterpillar damage

232 day spent with a friend, came home with these goodies and the blackberries were on the doorstep from the neighbour

233 long dog walk and a day in the garden, over night lettuce sprouting

234 a dog walk and a day at home, some gardening, a roast and a movie

235 car serviced, looked at sheds, afternoon spent sorting photos and reading gardening magazines

236 pirate pants, tea, chocolate, dog, tv and garden design

237 spent the day with Mary and son

238 garden visit with friends

239 collaged child 1's old school work to display

240 getting chilly in the mornings

241 Grandchild coming for the night and a roast dinner planned

242 weather dependent there is garden play planned

243 kitchen company came to measure 

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  1. Hope the migraine's on the way out. Must be a big adjustment coming home and having both of you together all the time.

  2. Sending hugs. So sorry you haven't been feeling the best emotionally. You have had a lot to deal with and your life has changed so much. I am glad things are feeling better now and you are enjoying a slower pace of life.
    I have noticed the food shortages too. I have struggled to get my favourite wine and the less important stuff like bread and chicken at the moment. lol
    You did well with the blackberry picking. I need to have a look out the back of our garage. We had loads growing.
    Kids love sticks don't they!
    Fab photos x

    1. shame about your favourite wine ha ha Hope you managed to get some decent blackberries

  3. Glad you're settling in, it must be a totally different pace of life now. Hope your migraine has eased by now. I haven't noticed many of the food shortages. I mean, I see some of the emptier shelves, but nothing of what we buy usually anyway, and nothing in comparison like it was in the first lockdown. Love to see Bob and Pushkins relaxing together, they look like best friends. Your blackberry haul is impressive. Lovely that you were able to meet Mary again.

    1. the cat and dog are both happy to just be at home with us now

  4. Your whole life has changed so much in the last months so I'm not surprised it has been a little overwhelming. I love how close your cat and dog are, completely defying the stereotype! #project365

    1. thank you. Yes the cat and dog are best of friends

  5. Love the pics of the dog and cat adorable

    Glad you are in a better place now...can't imagine how overwhelming it must have been with such big changes

    1. thank you, it has been a tricky time to navigate through

  6. It’s easy to get the numbers out of sync – I do that sometimes with my gratitude posts as well. I’m glad you’re feeling in a calmer place now although sorry to hear that the migraines have returned - hope they ease off again soon. August looks like it’s been a nice month (other than being pinged) with seeing family and friends. How lovely of your neighbour to leave some blackberries for you. #project365

    1. Thank you, August has been lovely and we're on repeat for september

  7. Glad to hear that you are settling back into things again it must be difficult, it is such a big change for you. Sorry about the migraines, hope you are feeling better now and that they stay away. I deleted the app a while ago. I want to be safe and keep everyone safe and test once/twice a week. But the app has become such a mockery. My friend got pinged and it was telling her to isolate for one day...

    1. the app has driven me up the wall, it's only when we're with our daughter and go for a food shop that we're indoors now. I've been testing weekly with LFT's or when I've been feeling a bit under the weather

  8. I love that you met up with Mary. It most be so wired when you can slow your life down a bit. I'm sure it must be a bit of a shock to the system. Your cat and dog look like good friends. Dare I day ut but we haven't been pinged by the app yet! #365

    1. I think Mary and I are due another catch up soon