Friday 28 October 2022

Family, friends and a fun fortnight.

We see our eldest grandchild and their parents on a regular basis and our grandchild in Northern Ireland as often as we can, but it is rare these days to get any of them together in groups, let alone all 5 kids with their families/partners. The last time we managed all 7 of us together was in 2017 in a car park in Cheltenham for this photo.

This week however we've had child 3 and his girlfriend staying with us from Australia and child 2, his wife and their child have joined in where they can, as well as visits to see parents, grandparents and friends popping in to say hi.

It's been hectic, full on, I've had a migraine, the house is a mess, but I've loved every minute of it and can't wait till we can get together again in small groups. Incidentally that will be next weekend in Northern Ireland for our 2nd grandchild's first birthday with his parents child 4 and wife, with child 2, his wife and their child coming over also.

But first we have Halloween to do with child 2, his wife and their child this weekend.

Child 1 and 2.

Making the Aussie visitors Child 3 and his girlfriend 3a feel at home.

Child 1 and 3.

Child 3 and 3a with Nanna.

The Things. 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Child 3 and grandchild made this mess.

Even the dog didn't escape the chaos, however according to our 3 year old grandchild, the cat has 'gone to the pub'

Back on his home turf.


  1. Oh my goodness, Suzanne, these photos are priceless! The stickers on the dog have me cracking up! Kids are so funny. It looks like you had a beautifully chaotic time and those really are the best times, aren’t they? I am just sorry that you had a migraine during your family time. I hope you have a wonderful Halloween with child 2 and family!


    1. The poor dog does suffer, but he insists one being in the middle of the action

  2. What a lovely family you have. Looks like you all have a lot of fun together. So sorry about your migraine, they are just the pits! The cat at the pub tickled me. LOL

  3. Aww! How lovely to have some family time. It sounds like a great week apart from the migraine. What wonderful photos. x

  4. I think Bob's face says it all! What a wonderful family you have but shame about the migraine. Happy 🎃 #pocolo

  5. What a beautiful family. Sending have a great visit with your family in Northern Ireland for your grandchild's birthday wishes your way. Your dog sure didn't escape the chaos did he? Chuckling tears here. Blessings.
    Visiting today from #18&19