Thursday 20 October 2022

I'm happy where I am in life.

I started posting a photo a day in 2014 and a One Daily Positive. with the aim of looking on the brighter side of life and to encourage me to get out the house and do things when we moved from South Africa to Dubai. A comment was left the other day about how I start off by moaning and complaining then end with a positive about what I've been doing to change things around.

Well for the first time since 2011 we have full control over our lives. I'll not add the word 'again' because prior to moving abroad we had 5 kids at home and a whole load of complications with extended family life, that did dictate our finances and where we could live, imposed on us. 

It's now our choice what we spend our money on, who we see, where we live and what we do with our time. It's calm, uneventful and in a good way, boring.

I was asked at work today by a teacher to say what I was striving to be. What I was aiming for and where in life I wanted to be.

I replied with 'just here' I've done everything and more that I could possibly dream of doing. No, seriously I have no desire to travel, holiday? yes. I have no desire to climb the work ladder or advance my career. I love my job as a Teaching Assistant and in the moments where I think I'm a little bored or I get frustrated because I can see glaring errors, I just remember I've got nothing to prove to anyone, anymore. Not even to myself.

When we lived abroad I was a house wife or a home executive. It said so on my visa. I'd meet people and when they found out I couldn't do anything to enhance their career, they'd just move on to the next person. It used to upset me that I felt I had no value and I spent a lot of time saying 'I used to be a .........' But not anymore.

The only constrictions we have on our lives these days is my job as a Teaching Assistant. Monday to Friday 8.30am till 3pm, term time only. It pays for all the extras like tomorrow nights football match. A trip to Belfast next month and a weekend away in Manchester for the Rugby League World Cup Final.

I do miss have a house full of family, I even miss all the running around, but not the bickering and arguing from having a house full of kids. I miss the opportunities for travel, but I don't miss the actual travel. We can have just as many adventures, just closer to home, our home where we chose to be, not what is dictated.

And the home we chose? It's the one we lived in before we went abroad.