Monday 24 October 2022

Week 42 One Daily Positive and Project 365

It's been along week with family visits and adventures. I really enjoyed going up to St Andrews to watch Birmingham City play football in the week. It's got me in the mood for going more often. I'll stick to weekend games though. Mid week is busy with city centre traffic, parking and we didn't get home till nearly midnight. I developed a migraine on Friday from the late nights as well as my head bump on Sunday.

287 Saturday We walked the dog into town for coffee. In the afternoon I helped the neighbour out in her shop and sorted and made some Halloween decorations.

288 Sunday I bumped my head on the fireplace, while cleaning, it really hurt. Did some general tidying around to prepare for child 3's visit with his girlfriend.

I love fresh bedding.

289 Monday Went swimming before work. Peter dropped a piece of wood on his iPad smashing the screen, but to our amazement it still worked so we were able to retrieve everything for a back up.

290 Tuesday Cycled to work. Popped round neighbours in the evening and home to do our ironing. 

Can't wait till Peter finishes his shed so I can reclaim my space under the bike cover.

291 Wednesday A long day at work. Hubby collected child 3 and girlfriend from the airport. We went up to Birmingham to watch the football, stopping for dinner on the way, home at midnight.

292 Thursday Another long day. Child 2, his wife and grandchild visited in the evening.

293 Friday No swimming today, up too late. Home to chips and wine with my friend. I drank tea as I had the start of a migraine.

Just going to have to accept the house is a mess.

On the blog this week:

I'm happy where I am in life.

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  1. The football sounds like fun. I hope your head is feeling better now.
    Your Halloween wreath is so pretty. x

  2. Always nice to go and watch live sports. But during the week is always hard going. Love your halloween wreath. We haven't even got a pumpkin this year (so far).

  3. Your poor head! Hope the migraine disappeared quickly. Love the autumn wreath. #project365

  4. I love your door wreath, I have been toying with getting one but our front door is UPVC. Oh no to the ipad, hopefully it can be fixed

  5. Love the autumn wreath. Fresh bedding is lovely. There’s just something about snuggling down under freshly-changed sheets. Glad you were able to retrieve everything off the iPad. Hope that your migraine didn’t last too long. #project365

    1. Time to change the bedding agin this weekend, nothing better