Monday 31 October 2022

Week 43 One Daily Positive and Project 365

My migraine continued into the week. It made a few days really difficult for me with travelling and entertaining and being entertained. We had Wednesday afternoon, Thursday evening, all day Friday and Saturday morning to ourselves before I go back to work on Monday. I'll need a week off to tidy and recover.

294 Saturday Off to the Forest of Dean to visit my mum, niece and her children affectionately known as the Things. On our way home we called in to visit child 1.

295 Sunday Peter stayed at home to catch up with the housework. I dropped child 3 and his girlfriend at his dads house to catch up with family there. I went to Monmouth for coffee and shopping and dropped off Halloween gifts with my friends twins. We called into see child 2, his wife and our grandchild who was happily sitting in a puddle of mud in the garden and child 3 got to hose them down before we could have cuddles.

296 Monday Down to Bath to visit MIL for the day. Child 2 and co joined us for lunch and a walk round the shops. Child 3 bought grandchild noisy toys grrrrrrr.

297 Tuesday Off into Birmingham for the day shopping. Put the bunting away, child 3 wouldn't let us wear our hats.

298 Wednesday Took child 3 and his girlfriend to the airport, they're back to Dubalin for another 10 days to visit her family and a trip up to the north to visit our other grandchild.

299 Thursday Off into Gloucester to take child 1 out for the day with DIL and grandchild.

Child 2 and 1.

300 Friday A day of rest, pjs, tv and some tidying around as well as putting up the Halloween decorations for a party on Sunday. Friend round for chips and wine, although I drank tea again as my head is still hurting.

3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms cleaned

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  1. Such a shame you had a migraine when you had so much going on but it looks like you had a fantastic time with your family. x

    1. we sure had a great time despite the migraine

  2. You've had a busy week! I hope you've found some quiet time for yourself.

  3. I didn't thought migraines are that bad until I started to have them myself. It's so much more than a headache, so I fully understand how hard it was for you these days.
    Hopefully you are feeling better now.

  4. Busy week and lovely to have all that family time. Not surprised you had a migraine. Hope it's improved by now.

  5. I hope your head is clear now, but you seem to get so much done even with a migraine. Yuk to noisy toys though

  6. Those noisy toys look like fun (for your grandchild anyway!) – my reaction to those kinds of gifts is much the same as yours! Lovely to have time with child 3 staying and visits to child 1 and 2. Sorry to hear that your head was still hurting though, hope it is better now. #project365

    1. we made sure the noisy toys went home with them

  7. So sorry that you have been suffering all week but hope the family visits helped to distract you. #project365