Sunday 9 October 2022

Week 40 One Daily Positive and Project 365

Where is the time going?

I had so many plans for autumn and now it's here, I don't know if I can actually be bothered making a new wreath for the front door and all the other decorations I usually do, it's only me that appreciates it.

Seeing as I have the same hours in everyday as Beyonce has has according to Mollie-Mae I thought I should put it to the test. Although I work 30 hours a week and spend roughly 4 hours a week commuting, Peter is at home and can do the housework, which is minimal as well as cooking most evenings as he usually does. I just don't want to be doing too much other stuff in the week, we're content watching the TV and just being in. On the weekends, we tend to do more though.

273 Saturday An early start to the Forest of Dean for coffee with mum, a quick visit to see ex MIL for her birthday, a visit to see the Things and off to my mates for the night for curry and wine and put the world to rights.

The lesser spotted Thing 4.

274 Sunday A visit with an old school friend, we reconnected in 2011 after 20 odd years when she visited us in South Africa, but the last time we met up was for Peter's 60th birthday, which was 5 years ago now.

275 Monday After work a visit to Kidderminster to the eye hospital. Covid tests still negative, nose still blocked and a chesty cough, so wore a mask in work.

276 Tuesday Cycled to work and evening spent waking and ironing and watching TV. Getting some ideas for Halloween.

277 Wednesday Swam before work and evening spent on a video call for child 1's care review. Peter's birthday presents ready.

278 Thursday Peter's birthday. I cycled to work and home to see child 2, his wife and our grandchild. A late night, exhausted but happy. The play mobile used to belong to their Uncles.

279 Friday Swam before work, a quick tidy round after yesterday and chips and wine with friend. I posted my first Christmas Card. It's an annual ritual to wind my friend up. It works every year, she forgets I do it.

It appears I decided to do nothing different from usual anyone this week.

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  1. Your days sound busy no wonder you feel like you can't be bothered with crafty things.
    Aww! Thing 4 is such a cutie. How lovely you got to meet up with an old school friend. Happy belated birthday to Peter. I hope he had a great day. x

  2. Happy birthday to Pete, hope he liked all the presents

  3. Love the Christmas card already! I think the Hocus Pocus footprint craft is really clever. #project365

    1. I didn’t get chance to try it out, will save it for next year

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely sociable week, spending time with your mum, your ex MIL and then meeting up with various friends. Hope Peter had a nice birthday. I'm impressed at you sending a Christmas card out so early, I haven’t even started thinking about Christmas cards yet! #project365

    1. it was a lovely week. I only sent the one Christmas card to wind my friend up