Wednesday 4 January 2023

Plans for 2023

Home improvements

We're waiting for our extension to be built in February to create more downstairs living for the two of us, then plans will be away for the back garden, after that we'll start on the front. We're contemplating a wall, especially on our boundary side as I'm fed up of the garden next door spilling over into ours.

We're also going to be remodelling the downstairs loo and the main bathroom as well as decorating throughout. Apart from adding a new kitchen last year and a shed in the garden, we've not done anything else to the house other than essential repairs and painting the walls white after having tenants for so many years.


We're booked to go to Northern Ireland to visit our grandson in February, travelling by boat and taking the dog and we're off to Dubai in the spring using up the last of our Emirates airmails, we'll lose our silver status soon.

The summer will be spent in Australia and we're planning Christmas in South Africa.

We're also hoping this will be the year we buy our camper van for days out and weekends away with the dog and hopefully our eldest grandchild.


I've two hospital appointments before Spring, the Haemotologist to check on what is causing my iron deficiency aneamia and the opthamologist to check on the growth of a freckle behind my right eye, that is potentially causing my blurred vision. I'm also waiting on an appointment at The Migraine Clinic in London.

Family and friends

The plan is to involve the family as much as possible this year into our weekends. I've also been neglecting my friends a lot with visiting them as I'm now working and rather on relying on seeing what everyone is up to via social media, I'm going to make more of an effort to ring/video call them more often. Of course this is a two way thing with family and friends so I'm not going to stress out if my plans fail.


I'll be doing more sewing this year and attempting to sell bags and bunting to support charities in South Africa that I previously worked with. Covid killed off plans for boot sales and markets and I never got back into the swing of things.

I'm also going to be working through the rest of my fathers stamp collection, which will involve a trip to Stanley Gibbons in London for a valuation on a few things, the rest will be sold through ebay.

I've given up trying to crochet, I just couldn't get the hang of it. I've quite a few tapestry kits to work through.

I'm supporting a student in A Level English Literature, we're reaching the stage where I need to expand my reading having already ploughed through quite a few books, but I'm now where up to date with the students. I do have loads of books left to read and made a good start by setting a target of one a week through the Christmas holidays, mixing classics, crime and chick lit.

Other stuff

Last year I committed to only buying clothes that I needed. I did really well until the end of October/November when I caved and bought 2 pairs of cords and 3 jumpers for work. Whilst I have lots of warm winter clothing it was mainly jeans and fleeces and jumpers with hoods, which I'm not allowed to wear in work. I did scour the charity shops first but as I need trousers with long leg length that there is rarely anything that fits me. My mum gave me some money for Christmas and I bought myself a pair of smart, knee length black leather boots, that I can now team with my brighter coloured 3/4 trousers, that just didn't work with my purple 'sensible' boots I bought back in March for walking in.


  1. It sounds like you have some great plans and will be busy. Good luck with them. Buying a camper van sounds fantastic. x

    1. I do hope this is the year the camper van plans fall into place

  2. I've always wanted to own a camper van. Maybe that's something I could plan for the future. Your year sounds exciting with lots of travel. We don't have any secure plans as yet but we are hoping a small break will be in the mix. I think connecting with friends and family more is a lovely idea. I've almost given up on mine. Happy New Year and thanks for hosting Pocolo

    1. I'm making one last attempt with some of my friendship groups, if it's all one sided then it's not a real friendship

  3. You have a busy year ahead by the looks of things. Good luck with the sewing ideas! Pocolo

  4. I need to make a bigger effort this year to keep in touch with people too. The last few years have turned me into a bit of a hermit I'm afraid. I have to say that spending my weekends hiding in the woods in a camper van sounds pretty good though! #pocolo

    1. I think it's become too easy now to rely on social media to 'see' people

  5. Wow what great 2023 plans. I can't wait to read about your travels and time spent with loved ones.
    Visiting today from#17

  6. Always interesting to read about plans for 2023, travel plans especially. We've got a short break to Amsterdam booked and will return to France in the Spring. I also like the idea of a camper van, great for taking the dog!#pocolo

    1. We plan to travel in Europe once we get the camper van, but not with the dog, too complicated now with visas and pet passports