Sunday 1 January 2023

Week 52 One Daily Positive and Project 365

I've missed a photo somewhere throughout the year, but not just numbered them wrong, actually missed a day. So last week I ended on day 356. 

Whoops, but I'm not going to let it bother me anymore.

We had planned a great Christmas, plenty of family time, dog walks and friends. But it all went down hill Boxing Day pm when I took to my bed with an horrendous migraine (again). I developed a sore throat, which stopped me eating and made drinking hard and then a chesty cough, so as you can image, this week hasn't been the best.

I'm going to carry on diary writing with Project 365 and One Daily Positive in the same format as it works for me. I'm also running PoCoLo with Stephanie from Lifeat139a and I need to write a post a week to link up with. I'm going to focus mainly on DIY and gardening and the pets with some grandpa renting thrown in for good measure as well as any travel which for 2023 includes Northern Ireland, Dubai, Australia and South Africa.

358 Saturday MIL and I went out for coffee and did some food shopping for later in the week. We watched TV all evening.

Christmas can now begin.

359 Sunday Christmas Day, woke around 9am, opened presents, took the dog for a walk. I cooked a full roast with parsnips in honey and roasted Brussel sprouts wrapped in bacon, which were yummy. 

Everyone got their share of gifts and treats.

360 Monday Up around 9am, had a bath and took the dog the other side of town to walk the neighbours, mums, friends dog. We walked for 2 hours and ended up in their local pub, back to theirs for a cup of tea, then home and 'bang' full blown migraine. I'd had a coke in the pub.

Love this post box topper.

361 Tuesday Bed all day. Son, DIL and grandchild came to visit. I managed to get up long enough to cook a roast, but I couldn't face eating it, so went back to bed. 

Video call with grandson.

362 Wednesday Everyone went to Worcester for the day. I had a telephone conversation with a GP, who gave me a medication plan and I dosed myself up and stayed in bed all day. Grandchild went home in the evening. I kept my distance as much as possible. 

Yep, it's a box every time and 25 year old Playmobile belonging to the uncles.

363 Thursday Woke with a really bad sore throat, didn't eat all day and really had to force liquids down my throat. Peter drove his mother home and I managed to drag myself and the dog out for some fresh air, calling in at the chemist to pick up another prescription. I stumbled across a coffee shop selling gluten free cakes and I sat at their outside tables to catch my breath. I didn't manage over half of the drink or cake.

364 Friday Another day in bed, throat at it's worst now, feels like I'm swallowing razor blades, having to spit out my salvia now it's that bad. Migraine still in full swing. 

I have to wait for the tea to be almost cold.

365 Saturday Throat feeling better, can eat and drink, slowly. I ventured out for a coffee, I need the fresh air and this migraine isn't bobbing off anywhere, anytime some. GP said I need to go to A&E but not over Christmas and New Year and whilst there are ambulance strikes. Waiting time in Worcester A&E on Tuesday was 17 hours. I couldn't sit in an environment like that with a migraine.

Dog walking.

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  1. I know I missed a couple of photos throughout last year and messed the numbers up. lol
    Oh no! So sorry you are unwell again, I hope you feel better soon. There's so many bugs going around at the moment. My eldest is just getting over a cold and now my youngest has it. Ugh!
    It sounds like you had a good Christmas. It's so cute that Bob got gifts too. Wishing you all the best for 2023. x

    1. thank you Kim and a Happy 2023 to you and the family also