Tuesday 17 January 2023

Taking Bob on a Biscuit walk

Bob and I have not received any payment for the post or been asked to write one. We just enjoy a Biscuit walk and wanted to share the rewards the app offers.

Bob gets walked daily and on weekends we tend to walk into town or down the retail park for a coffee or to do a bit of shopping.

With me working, our walks take place in the evening and I've rigged up some bike light clips to Bobs collar and lead.

My DIL found the Biscuit app on Facebook and sent me a link. The app rewards you for walking your dog, is free to join and it works out how many Biscuit walks a week you need to do, to earn rewards.

You receive Biscuits for completing the recommend walks and can earn biscuits without a bonus for shorter and other walks, as well as recording flea, tick and worming treatment and uploading your dogs microchip.

Having entered Bob's weight, age, sex, breed etc the app calculated we need 3 x 48 minute Biscuit walks a week. It took 5 weeks to earn a £25 Coffee Nero voucher. Biscuits can also be exchanged for National Trust vouchers, discounts on dog food and even food, cloth and DIY vouchers.

I get to enjoy a coffee, explore new places and Bob gets to have his biscuits while I earn mine.

I don't receive anything for making recommendations but if I refer you, you can get 50 Biscuits to start you off.


  1. What a great idea! And love the clips on the dog lead idea too, have seen lots of dog walkers with lit up dofs over the past couple of weeks.

  2. I love the sound of this! As I walk about 2 hours a day with my young Border Collie, I'm sure he could earn a fair amount of biscuits. I guess it works by tracking you, as do many other apps of course!

    1. We're enjoying our rewards from the biscuit app

  3. Sounds a fun way to get out for you both - though I suspect Bob's just in it for the biscuits! #PoCoLo