Monday, 23 January 2023

Week Three 2023 One Daily Positive and Project 365

The car is home.  It's a Citroen Berlingo and it's been in a Citroen garage for 10 weeks and they couldn't repair it. As a good will gesture they've offered to pay 70% of the bill. For now I'm taking that but I'll be making a complaint. The car is a 2019 model and was a show room car with only 1000 miles on the clock when I bought it in May 2021. The fault is with ad blue, whilst there has been a product recall in the past with ad blue, it seems that this 'new' issue isn't causing too many people too many problems, until it does I suspect there won't be a recall. The ad blue isn't a Citroen part and similar faults are reported with other makes and models also.

15 Sunday Whole day spent in bed mostly asleep. No reading, no TV, I turned down a coffee and at 5pm I requested tea and toast which was a struggle to eat. Peter came up to bed at 8pm and I stayed awake for 2 hours to watch Vera. Back and stomach in agony, but didn't feel sick, just dizzy on standing and very tired. 

I took a covid test as I work with a vulnerable student.

16 Monday Having slept through solidly from 10pm to 7am, I had a leisurely morning, a bath, I managed to drink, got my lunch ready for work and had prearranged  blood test at 9.30am. On arriving in work I felt dizzy, tired and faint, so came home after 2 lessons. Spent the rest of the day in bed, I did manage to have some dinner. I watched TV, did some blogging and had a few naps. The nurse on taking my bloods commented for the second time that the haematologist who I'm seeing on Friday also has Leukaemia. I don't have leukaemia but my bone marrow and blood results are pointing in that direction so I'm being monitored, however the blood tests are for my Iron deficiency anaemia.

No idea why the room was bathed in a pink light.

17 Tuesday Still not feeling right but back into work. Peter got the call to say the car was ready, so we picked it up after work. Evening spent in front of the TV.

The River Severn in flood.

18 Wednesday Quiet day in work. Peter brought Bob to meet me, he went home in the car and Bob and I walked into town on one of our biscuit walks and coffee. After dinner I sorted some birthday gifts out, had a bath and watched TV.

I love finding new things on my walks.

19 Thursday Home from work and took Bob out on a biscuit walk, had dinner, a bath, my hair wave tubes arrived and I tried them out, they look good. Watched TV and early bed.

Latest attempt at curling my hair.

20 Friday Work and home via the pharmacy to collect a prescription. Telephone consultation with the haematologist, he said GP surgery didn't request the ferritin tests so a waste of time and he's referred me to the blood clinic for further tests. Evening spent with friend with chips and wine (coke for me) Consultant phoned again at 7pm to say my CRP level should be between 1-5 but was 'bloody' high at 131 and I'm to get another test done soon. It could explain why I was ill Sunday and Monday.

FaceTime with grandson.

21 Saturday Up early and into Worcester as I fancied a walk round, coffee and lunch out. I took Bob for a biscuit walk in the afternoon and evening in front of the TV.

The mist didn't lift all day.

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  1. We had a lot of fog on Saturday too. Didn't lift until mid afternoon. Hope they get to the bottom of your iron/blood issues, or at least get the right tests sorted out. Bet it's nice to have the car back after so long.

  2. That is a real shame about the car. You do right making a complaint.
    So sorry you have been unwell and it's really worrying about the nurse mentioning leukaemia.
    I have seen those hair things on TikTok. I hope they worked in curling your hair. x

  3. That’s very frustrating that the Citroen garage couldn’t repair the car especially with it being in the garage for so long. Sorry that you’ve not been feeling well this week and hope that you are feeling better. Love the snail topiary. I’m intrigued by the hair wave tubes – did they work well? #project365

  4. Sounds like a nightmare with the car and the fact they had it for so long! Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well.

  5. We had nothing but problems with Citroen and now we won't go anywhere near them, Hope it all gets sorted. I am intrigued to know if the hair curlers worked?