Monday, 16 January 2023

Week Two 2023 One daily Positive and Project 365

I'm aiming to read a book a week throughout 2023, by week 2 of January I'd read 8 books and started on the 9th. There has been no social media and very little TV watched this week and as I finish work at 3pm I have a lot of spare time to fill.

Our travels for 2023 are booked, just some accommodation and car hire to sort nearer departure date. We've decided that while we are still capable of travel and can afford it, we should do as much as we can, especially to visit child 3 in Australia.

8 Sunday Early walk into town with Bob for a coffee, home to a roast dinner that Peter cooked while I completed my tax return and booked our trips to Northern Ireland, Dubai and Australia (with a a stop over in Kuala Lumpur). I wrote up the new calendar and updated our address book. I spent the evening reading. A Streetcar Named Desire.

9 Monday Car still in the garage and yet another part on order, at least we have a courtesy car, however, it doesn't suit our needs, but it's a car all the same. I went swimming before work and I spent the evening reading. Frankenstein and A Christmas Carol.

10 Tuesday I took the car to work as it was raining. I collected my glasses that I'd stood on over Christmas and Peter walked to the retail park with Bob to meet me for a coffee, he drove home and Bob and I walked back. Evening spent reading Animal Farm and Of Mice and Men.The new calendar is now updated.

11 Wednesday I took the car to work and back and spent the evening on the laptop catching up with reading and commenting and sorting through photos off my phone and updating the cloud and memory sticks. Took Bob out for a long walk and a coffee. I read Of Mice and Men and started on Macbeth.

12 Thursday I cycled to work and back and had a GP visit early evening for blood tests and medication review. Evening spent reading. Macbeth finished and onto Lord of the Flies.

I keep forgetting things for work so everything went in the fridge so I didn't forget anything.

13 Friday Swimming before work, home to do some ironing and friend came round for weekly chips and wine (I don't drink alcohol with my migraines at the moment)

Last of the Christmas chocolate.

14 Saturday Off to visit MIL and a trip to Street to the outlet centre, dropped off Birthday gifts for SIL and BIL who both turn 60 this month. 

It took us a bit longer than usual to do todays journey due to the Severn and the Wye being flooded. This is the Avon.

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What I'm reading January 2023

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  1. The trips that you have planned sound fantastic. It sounds like you've had a busy week. That is a good idea putting everything into the fridge. I should try that with my youngest, she always seems to forget something but never her lunch. x

    1. if it's not in the fridge, it doesn't come to work, as simple as that

  2. I may start putting my daughter's stuff in the fridge too, good idea! You have read a lot of books already this week. I have managed 1 book and it was a bit strange. That's my second this year though so I'm on my way for a book a week.

    1. I've slowed down with the book reading, need to give it another go

  3. Great start to your reading aim for the year – I have a similar aim but haven’t managed quite so many books so far. Love your list of books read so far as well – a few classics I haven’t yet read myself so might have to add them to the list. #project365

    1. I'm moving onto some more up to date fiction now

  4. Great idea to put everything in the fridge so it is all in one place! Fab start to your reading (are you tracking on goodreads?) #project365

  5. Wow, you are organised. I have managed to book one trip but nothing for the family yet, we haven't had the best month for expenses. Well done on the reading challenge