Monday 30 January 2023

Week 4 2023 Project 365 and One Daily Positive

A very tiring week, as in I've been really tired. I can sleep 9 hours plus a night and find it a struggle to get out of bed. Blood tests still not back, so no idea of it's related to my iron levels or not.

22 Sunday A walk to the retail park with Bob and Peter for a coffee. Home to sort out the rubbish in the old shed for Peter to take to the skip. Lounge rearranged, Peter cooked dinner, we watched TV, bath, more TV and bed.

After a foggy day yesterday, this mornings sunrise.

Day 23 Monday Got a lift home from work and evening spent putting everything back in the glass cabinets. Had fish fingers and hash browns for tea and evening spent watching TV.

Day 24 Tuesday Work, blood test, back to work and home. Evening spent sorting through more stuff in the attic rooms for donation and skip.

Never a dull moment with pets. cat snook into his bed, he was not happy.

Day 25 Wednesday Home from work and evening spent at the local youth club as a volunteer with Girls well-being session.

Day 26 Thursday Peter dropped Bob with me after work. Peter went off to do the food shop and Bob and I walked home.

Throw back Thursday, nearly 31 years ago.

Day 27 Friday After work I read my book until my friend came for our chips and wine evening.

Day 28 Saturday Off to the Forest of Dean to watch Thing 1 play football, we took the dog and our Grandchild with us, back to Mum's who then came home for us to stay for the week, after hearing about the death of my aunt and another aunt being ill in hospital. Peter dropped me off about 45 mins from home for me and the dog to get a walk in.

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  1. So sorry you have been feeling tired. I am blaming this time of year, I have been feeling the same.
    The skies have been so pretty lately at sunrise and sunset.
    hehehe! Your cat looks so smug taking over Bob's bed.
    I love the old photo, you have hardly aged!
    So sorry about your aunts. Sending love and hugs. x

    1. Thank you re the photo, you are too kind ha ha. My vet d levels are almost depleted

  2. Hope you're feeling a bit brighter soon. That sunrise is gorgeous. I love this time of year for them. Sorry to hear about your aunts, hope your mum's feeling ok.

  3. Sorry you’ve been feeling really tired – hope you start to have some more energy soon. That sunrise is gorgeous. The photo of Bob looking unimpressed with the cat in his bed made me smile. What a lovely photo of you for the throwback Thursday photo. #project365

    1. ahhh thank you, and thank you for the comment about my aunts

  4. Can't believe that photo is over 30 years old! I sleep ok each night but also have a nap each afternoon and I'm still tired (GP not helpful, just said I'm a working mum so what did I expect?!) #project365