Monday 9 October 2023

Unusual things we saw in Australia

Some of these things maybe common to you as you may live here or have visited previously. We're used to things being different as we've lived in both South Africa and Dubai, but we still found these things unusual to us. 

We arrived in Australia the 24th July and spent a week in Melbourne, then flew to Proserpine to spend a week in the Whitsundays where we visited the Great Barrier Reef, then onto Sydney for a week, 2 days in the Hunter Valley, 3 nights in Nelson Bay followed by our last 3 nights on Bondi Beach. We flew home via 4 nights in Kuala Lumpur. We also saw quite an array of wildlife.

In no particular order:

Fruit flavoured chocolate and 'clinkers' not something I'd associate with chocolate.

Coke cans in the UK are 330ml.

They brought the home of James Cook's parents to Australia, brick by brick.

Cruise ships in the City.

Gets the message across.

'Drive on the left' signs some 2 and a half hours from Melbourne.

Designated beaches in case of wildfires for refuge.

Yep, it was hot.

Helicopter landing pads 45 miles out to sea in the Pacific Ocean.

Watch out for Kangaroos.

Koala's ahead or 'drop bears'

These Gymea Lily.

Not only 9 hours ahead but a different season. We've seen Magnolia in the UK spring and again in Australia.

Bottles of vinegar on the beach with warnings of hazardous stingers.

Pole dancing clubs at night, doubling as family restaurants in the day.

Standing = parking/stopping.

A model village of Stratford upon Avon.

The houses are very narrow.

We did see two snakes on this trip and both we're on public footpaths near the coast.

I'm sure a lot of the things on this list have been seen by many, but to us they were slightly amusing or worrying.


  1. These are unusual things.
    I do like the sound of the pineapple chocolate and that is fascinating that they moved James Cook's parents house to Australia brick by brick. x

    1. it's not like James Cook even lived in the house

  2. It's amazing to see this wide range of photos with some very unusual sightings! That's one of the fantastic aspects of travel - you never know what you might discover. I agree with Kim's opinion about the house belonging to the parents of James Cook. #pocolo