Monday 2 October 2023

Bob the dog - 14th February 2010 - 29th September 2023

Bob came to live with us in South Africa in 2013, moving to Dubai in 2015 and onto the UK in 2020.

We've had 10 glorious years with Bob, so many adventures and memories and we'll never forget Bob who bought us so much joy.

Bob was taken poorly in July this year, a trip to the vets for an anti sickness jab to make him comfortable, but we really thought we'd be saying goodbye to him back then. He recovered and was back to walks and running off lead, but he had slowed a little.

Mid August his was back at the vets with the neighbour as we were in Australia, another jab to keep him comfortable until we got home. Again he rallied round, but his walks were shorter and he didn't run when he was off lead.

Then the difficult decision had to be made when he was ill again the end of September.

Goodbye Bob, you'll never be forgotten.

Meeting Bob for the first time.

Putting a bit of weight on

Lasy days by the pool

1st beach trip to St Lucia

Camping trips

Crocodile and hippo watching

Flights to Dubai

Out in the desert

Soft play

Dog parks

Last walk in Dubai

1st walk in the UK

Up the Malvern Hills

Old man

My heart is broken


  1. The other night I was scrolling through FB and saw the news about Bob, I said out loud "oh no Bob has died" and even my fella knew who I was on about.
    Bob does sound like such an amazing dog, you gave him the best life. Sending love and hugs. x

  2. Such sad news, it's clear how much fun Bob had in his life, and how loved he was scrolling through these pictures - not that that makes it any easier. They leave such a large hole when they go, take care of yourself x

    1. Thank you Stephanie, he'll be missed so much

  3. I am so sorry to hear about Bob. Being a lifelong dog owner, I know how hard it is when they leave us. Someone once said every dog you have leaves a pawprint on your heart. From reading your blog, I know that Bob had the most wonderful life. #pocolo

  4. Suzanne, so sorry to read about Bob. Always so sad when they cross the rainbow bridge. Sending lots of love