Sunday 22 October 2023

Week 42 One Daily Positive and Project 365 2023

I'm up to date with all my paperwork, blog posts and commenting as well as finally having a clean and tidy house at the same time. It feels good.

We have lots of trips and days out planned between now and the middle of December from Northern Ireland, Eastbourne, London and a trip to Newport to meet our great niece born last earlier this month.

There will be plenty of time for reading, meeting friends and going for walks and drinking coffee.

After 4 days of Peter asking me if I wanted the heating on, as soon as I said 'go on then' it was a race to the kitchen to get it on.

I've had a migraine brewing this week and taken all my meds. Really irritated by it as I've not had any wheat, been under any excessive stress or had alcohol. I've also reduced my calorie intake by not snacking on biscuits, crisps or sweets, so no idea why this migraine has come along.

289 Sunday We had a relaxing day, did some cleaning, went on a pub cand shopping crawl around town. Had a late lunch/early tea and watched TV.

Got round to putting new batteries in everything. All clock now ticking.

290 Monday Cycled to work and back and spent the afternoon/evening in front of the TV and blogging.

View from my egg pod.

291 Tuesday Went for coffee on my way to work. No Bob with us, got quite upset. After work I walked home via the retail park, indulged in another coffee and Peter picked me up at 6pm on his way home from visiting his mum in Keynsham.

No Bob.

292 Wednesday Lift to work and back for my flu and covid jab. Evening spent baking, lounging in the bath and watching TV.

Cat is morphing into Bob's space.

293 Thursday Lift to work and home at 4pm after homework club. My arms are aching and I was so tired I thought I'd fall asleep during the day. Had tea, a bath and was in bed and asleep by 8am.

Neighbours garden is higher than ours and since we started ground works the over flow isn't draining like it used to.

294 Friday Woke at 4am and sat outside drinking tea and blogging. No chips and wine this evening but a colleague from work called round early evening.

Getting my halloween on.

295 Saturday A long day which started with meeting Mum off the bus in Gloucester and walking to the Quays to meet Peter who had gone on to collect child 1. We had coffee, did mine and mums Christmas shopping for child 4 and his family in Northern Ireland, stopped off at Asda for a food shop then dropped mum home and called in to see Grandchild and did trick or treat with them as we're away for Halloween. Home late and straight to bed.

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  1. Love the witchy pumpkin. Our heating's gone on too although we don't always need it, the weather's been all up and down. Hope you've felt a little less tired now.

    1. I'd like to say I'm less tired, but I'm now struggling with a migraine

  2. Well done with being up to date with everything! I wish I was, lol but I haven't much on this week so I can play catch up.
    Oh no! That is rotten about the migraine. I hope you feel better soon.
    The view from your egg pod does look lovely and well done with your pumpkin. x

    1. Thank you, sadly the migraine took full hold

  3. That pumpkin is awesome, well done. We are refraining from putting the heating on just yet, I am sure it wont be long though

  4. Very organised to be so up to date! We've had the heating on a couple of times but it is the rain that is making us feel autumnal. #project365

  5. How lovely to be up to date on things and have a clean and tidy house. Sounds like you’ve got some lovely things planned too. I love your Halloween pumpkin. Hope the migraine was short-lived. #project365

    1. Sadly the migraine took me to A&E and the house is thoroughly disorganised again