Saturday 7 October 2023

Week 40 - One Daily Positive and Project 365 2023.

The house has been empty without Bob, all our routines have changed, no more tripping over him when preparing food, no more being stared at when eating and no more cuddles and the smell of dog in the house. It looks empty without him, no bed, no blankets and a spare cupboard in the kitchen where we kept his food.

After 6 years of tests and cancer investigations I've been signed off from the haematology department with 'you just have an elevated platelet count' All tests have been blood led and I've been symptom free other than severe fatigue and breathlessness. Blood test from Monday shows ferritin in normal range, but I've been getting tired and out of breath over the past few weeks and I've lost weight. Been told to just go back to the GP.

The ophthalmology department have signed me off also, but referred me to neurology to find out the cause of the double vision that comes and goes. I'm fed up of all this now.

Mother in Law received a diagnosis on Tuesday and her condition can be managed with medication which is excellent news.

275 Sunday Bloody alarm went off and I was up at 6.30am. Looked through photos of Bob and wrote up a blog post or two. I was bawling my eyes out. I can't believe Bob is not here anymore. Peter stayed in bed unwell after his covid jab having not recovered from his flu jab the week before. I took MIL for a coffee. I went on my first dog walk without the dog and kept myself busy all day with ironing, gardening, and cleaning dog hairs out the car. Evening spent in front of TV with my laptop.

276 Monday A hard day in work, popped out for a blood test for half an hour. Home by 4pm. My friend who I used to walk Bob with, with her and her dog, during covid called round with flowers and a gift. Evening spent reading, blogging and watched TV.

277 Tuesday Up early and finally finished my blog comments, just my own to reply to now and schedule a few posts for #PoCoLo. Peter took his mum for her hospital tests. I was going to cycle to work but it was too windy, so Peter dropped me off and I got a lift home. Watched a production of King Lear so I can keep up with the A level study with my student. A student swore at me today, it doesn't bother me, other than the fact I was asked to provide evidence before any action is taken.

278 Wednesday The day at work seemed to go on forever and everyone was fed up of hearing me ask 'what day is it?' The student from yesterday was still in lessons, when a teacher is sworn at it's an immediate exclusion. I've been questioning it been told I need evidence. I walked into to met Peter and MIL for coffee. Blogged, read and watched TV.

We've been waiting for my Nephews baby to be born since September 21st. MIL has been knitting.

279 Thursday Into work, still nothing done about the student, then off to Worcester Royal Hospital for an ophthalmology appointment, then back to work. Originally I was seeing the Haematologist for my first face to face appointment but it was changed to a phone call in the afternoon. Evening spent in front of the TV. Got a few blog posts scheduled.

280 Friday Home from work via my monthly Death Cafe group, then home to sit int he garden and read. Friend round with chips in the evening and we had a good cry over Bob.

It's Peters birthday day and our great niece arrived in the early hours.

281 Saturday Peter dropped me at the retail park to get my nails done then went onto Gloucester to visit child 1. It's really strange walking these routes without Bob for company.

I'll need to rethink my walks, always felt safe with Bob.

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  1. It sounds like your house is not the same without Bob.
    That is good news that you are free of cancer but it doesn't really help you understand your health problems. Sending love and hugs.
    I am glad your Mother in law can be treated with medication. What a relief.
    That is so lovely, your friend bringing flowers and a gift.
    Happy birthday to Peter and congratulations to your nephew and his family. x

    1. Some sad and difficult days yet a lovely birthday and a new addition to the family to celebrate

  2. Such sad news about Bob. Dogs are such a part of us aren't they. Glad your MIL's diagnosis is manageable/treatable.
    Can't believe the student is still in school. Surely any adult in class deserves the same respect and response to a wrong.
    Hope Peter had a good birthday. Exciting for the birth of your great niece.

    1. I was surprised to with the student, but I did get an apology without her being prompted. Mother in law is much better now and the house feels so empty without Bob

  3. I can imagine it must be so hard adjusting to Bob not being there and the house must feel very empty without him. Sending hugs. That must be frustrating being signed off by the haematology department without any answers about the fatigue and breathlessness. Hope things improve for you soon. That last photo of Bob on your post is a lovely one. Hope Peter had a nice birthday. #project365


  4. I can only imagine how hard it must be without Bob. It was tough when my cat died but she wasn't my companion on walks etc.Glad its not cancer but hope you get some answers soon. Must be a relief that your MIL's condition can be managed with meds. So basically any student can swear at a teacher and get away with it....what evidence can you get??

    1. I despair about the student, but I did get an unprompted apology from them. Really missing Bob on our walks.

  5. Good news about being signed off from the haematology department but a shame you are still struggling with some symptoms. I am so sorry to hear about Bob x

  6. It will be so hard to adjust to life without Bob. Our house seemed so quiet when Ollie died and then when we got the puppies a year later we had terrible guilt and cried every day remembering our old guy. I hope Peter was able to celebrate his birthday. #project365

    1. I can't believe how hard Bob's death has hit us both