Saturday 28 October 2023

Week 43 One Daily Positive and Project 365. 2023

Migraine not going and rescue meds not working, so tried the following for 36 hours. 12 soluble aspirin, 1 pain killer, 2 paracetamols, 1 triptan and 1 anti sickness, 3 times a day. On Wednesday the Dr sent me to the hospital. An appointment has been made to see a neurologist soon.

We finished the week in Northern Ireland staying with our son (child 4) his wife and our grandson.

296 Sunday Lazy morning, did some washing and at 11am we decided to pop into Worcester for coffee. Big mistake it took over an hour (7 miles) to get in due to flooding on the main road. We did some Christmas shopping and took a long drive home, an hours drive without any delays. We discovered a Laylocks Garden Centre and stopped off to buy buy cheese.

Bobs memorial pot has been planted with seeds given to us by a friend and from the vets.

297 Monday Migraine in full force, I struggled through the day at work on heavy meds. Called GP at 3pm and was given new meds for the next 24 hours, a near referral and told to call GP on Wednesday if no improvement.

Strawberries still fruiting.

298 Tuesday Spent the day alternating between sleep, drinking tea and the bathroom. By 7pm, whilst the pain has subsided, I can still feel the migraine.

My companion for the day, think she's noticed Bob isn't here anymore and she follows me from room to room and enjoys the odd crisp.

299 Wednesday Back to the GP as the migraine hasn't gone, the pain just gets numbed. She sent me to Same Day Emergency Care at Worcester Royal Hospital. They were so lovely and much kinder than when you're waiting in A&E in severe pain. I was hooked up on IV for 3 hours, was able to open my eyes, my head didn't explode when I coughed and I was home by 9pm.

300 Thursday Day of headache and stiff neck. I went out for a walk to get some fresh air, but it was too much for me. Friend popped up to collect keys and cat instructions whilst we're away. Had a nice long bath and packed for our trip tomorrow.

I bleached the underneath of my hair which went really well, but after adding the blue, I now have grey hair again.

301 Friday Work then off to Birkenhead for the over night ferry to Belfast. Still got a headache, but a good journey. It was really strange not having to take Bob to the kennels on board as usual.

Liverpool viewed from the ferry.

302 Saturday Had a surprisingly good sleep from 11pm till 5.30am, too noisy to sleep out of those times with engine noise and safety instructions. Drove to sons via a coffee stop, arriving within an hour of docking at 6.30am. Grandchild was a little wary of us, having only seen us on video calls since our last visit in July. We went out for a food shop, rest of the day spent at home, resting and playing.

Shopping for pumpkins.

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  1. Oh no! The migraine sounds awful, I hope the appointment with the neurologist comes soon. I am glad a visit to the hospital helped.
    What a lovely tribute to Bob and it sounds like your cat is looking after you.
    Have a lovely time with your family. x

  2. I feel for you with the ongoing migraine issues. They're so debilitating and when you can't find out what's causing it, that must be frustrating too. Hope you have a good visit with the family.

    We're in Worcester quite a lot this football season, as we're playing in a league there rather than Warwickshire.

    1. let me know dates and I can pop over and say hi

  3. Oh dear, so sorry to hear of your ongoing health problems, I have no idea how you manage. I can't believe you are still getting strawberries (although our tomatoes and raspberries have only just fininshed!) #project365

    1. I'm not managing, I'm just getting on with things

  4. Sorry to hear that the migraine persisted and you ended up having to go into the hospital. Hope you get your appointment with the neurologist through quickly. That’s a lovely card on Bob’s memorial pot. Lovely photo of your grandchild with the pumpkin. #project365

    1. Neurologist have been in touch and put me on new medication. I expect to be seeing them in the new year