Monday 16 October 2023

Week 41 One Daily Positive and Project 365 2023

It's been busy week, all I seem to do is tidy and never actually do anything. Things keep building up and before you know it there are boxes all over the house. Currently the dining room has been taken over with Birthday and Christmas gifts as well as all of Bobs stuff to take over to Northern Ireland at the end of this month.

We're still desperately missing Bob and neither of us can believe the effect it has had on us, it's so sad.

282 Sunday I spent the day in the Forest of Dean and Monmouth, visiting family and friends. Mum and I did some shopping and had coffee, then I called in to see Grandchild and popped in to see my old neighbours and friends since 1994. Home at 8pm, bath and bed.

More flowers from friends celebrating Bob's life.

283 Monday Woke late for work and a mad rush to get in just in time for the first bell. I stayed for homework club where I offer a little extra support to a few students. Walked into town to meet Peter and MIL for coffee. Evening spent in front of TV. Bob's paw prints and some of his fur arrived in the post from the vets.

284 Tuesday Normal hectic day at work, stayed on for homework club and home at 4pm. I took a walk around Bob's favourite feed, our routines are shot to pieces without him.

285 Wednesday Walked into town again after work to kill time before youth club, where I volunteer once a fortnight, we decorated cup cakes for halloween. Popped down neighbours for a cuppa.

286 Thursday Peter took his mum home. I walked home after work via the pub for a few drinks with a mixture of staff from work, it was nice having a social event and discovered 2 of the teachers were out in Dubai the same time as us and one of them taught in the same school as me, but at a different time.

Really enjoying our outdoor space where I can sit in the morning with a cuppa.

287 Friday Took the car to work and back via the retail park. Home for chips and wine with neighbour. It was Peter's birthday and our Great Niece was born in the early hours.

Bob's blanket arrived today, it's so soft and fluffy.

288 Saturday Into Worcester to the retail park for some Christmas shopping and a visit to the garden centre and coffee and cake in next. I finally finished tidying the attic rooms. One I use for crafting but the other one was full of stuff we didn't have a home for and is now all sorted for various donations.

Roof tops viewed from the railway bridge.

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  1. Aww! How lovely that you received flowers to celebrate Bob's life. He really was a special dog.
    I love the Halloween cupcakes, how cute. x

  2. Love the halloween cupcakes. So cute. Glad the blanket arrived, it's a nice momento of Bob. Sounds like the work social was good fun.

  3. Bob's blanket is gorgeous, what a lovely way to remember him

  4. Lovely blanket to remember Bob. Grief will keep catching you unawares even years later #project365

  5. Those flowers from your friends are so beautiful. I can imagine it must be so hard adjusting to Bob not being there anymore and being so very much missed. Your outdoor space looks so cosy. I love the Bob blanket, what a beautiful photo of him. #project365

    1. I'm getting a lot of use out of my Bob blanket, it's so comfy