Monday 20 May 2024

2024 Reading Challenge - A book a week.

I set myself a challenge in 2023 to read a book a week and passed my target, by reading 57 books. I decided to carry on with this challenge in 2024. 

I was off to a slow start not starting until the 2nd week, but I'm into the swing of it now and I've completed 17 books by the end of April. I needed to read 4 books in May to get back on target. I managed to read 3 in the last week.

I will read more during the holidays and I know there will be times when I read a book a day. It helps working in a school where I have access to a wide range of books that are read in lessons as well as having access to a well stocked library and my mum and aunts read a lot so we swop books frequently.

January 2024 

The Long Forgotten - David Whitehouse. 

A long lost black box from an aeroplane found in the body of a dead whale, a crime scene cleaner on an adventure around the world to find the rarest flowers, leads to a young man named Dove discovering his identity. 

The Missing - C.L. Taylor. 

A missing 15 year old boy and family secrets unravelling. Is the mother's instinct right that her family aren't involved in his disappearance?

Better Off Dead - Lee Child and Andrew Child.

Reacher in another 'minding his own business' and getting dragged into something dangerous and coming out as the hero of the day.

My not so Perfect Life - Sophie Kinsella

Living the dream, on instagram, in the hope it'll come true one day, not realising all those perfect lives online were just that, online, and not real either.

I abandoned Buenos Aires after a couple of pages as I couldn't get into the style of writing to discover it was a Mills and Boon.


I've lined up Six books to read this month, with half term there will be plenty of time to read, I've already started on David Copperfield.

David Copperfield - Charles Dickens
A story of the exploitation of the poor and the weak, told through the eyes of young David and following him into adulthood where he helps those affected get their revenge on Uriah Heep. 

The Thursday Murder Club - Richard Osman.
A group of pensioners solve a 50 year old crime by linking it to a modern day murder, not realising the murderer is now amongst them and a reasonably good guy.

The Girl with all the gifts - M. R. Carey
I'm glad I read this rather than watching it online. It's sci-fi, dystopian future, zombie hungries taking over the world. I really enjoyed it, it has to be read to be appreciated.

One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest - Ken Kesey
A story I'm familiar with from the movie, but so much more to it reading the book. Narrated by a patient Chief Bromden. McMurphy fakes insanity to serve his sentence in a hospital rather than a prison work farm. he attacks Nurse Ratched after she causes a patient to kill himself after her cruel treatment. Ratched then performs a lobotomy on McMurphy who ends up in a vegetative state and Chief Bromden suffocates him to end his suffering then escapes from the cuckoos nest.

Metaphysical Poetry - Forward by Colin Burrow
Poetry by John Donne studied for A Level English Literature, studied in detail and most of George Herbert.

Stone Cold - Robert Swindell A Tutor Read book in school.
A story of homelessness and a series killer taking advantage of no-one missing them, until Link discovers where his friend died. The murderer is then locked up with a bed and 3 meals a day while Link is left on the streets to survive.

March 2024

I've decided not to line up any books to read as I was putting too much pressure on myself to read and I've been reading books in school as part of tutor reads, that I haven't listed on here yet.
I'm also re reading Handmaids Tale, Frankenstein, Streetcar Named Desire and The Great Gatsby as well as going back and forth with King Lear ready for the A Levels in May.

I also buy The Sunday Times each week and read it throughout the week.

We spent a week with our 2 and a half year old grandson and he loves to read so I've read so many story books this week, most of them twice.

Here are the books I've read this month:

One Day - David Nicholls
I started watching this on Netflix and realised I'd seen the 2011 movie with Anne Hathaway, which I felt was a better version, until I read the book whilst watching the Netflix series. The book is far better than both and in a slightly different order with both Dexter and Emma getting the chance to tell both sides of the story from their point of view as it is happening rather than reminiscing in a short scene with a lot of guess work from the viewer to piece it together, even if you've watched the series and the movie, I highly recommend you read the book, just for the ending alone.

A Death in the Parish - The Reverend Richard Coles
A ritualistic killing that happens a third of the way into the book and way too many characters to know who solved the crime, if anyone, it sort of solved itself.

The Problem with Perfect - Philip William Stover 
LGBQT style Icon goes missing so producer Ethan tracks down his rugged twin brother, can he transform him, fool his bosses and save his job?

Still Thinking of You - Adele Parks.                                                                                                                   Tash and Rich are getting married but will Rich's old university friends spoil their big day as their secrets unravel?

April 2024

I've got quite a few Lee Child's Jack Reacher to be getting on with and several real crime books I've been accumulating to read. As the books pass between family and friends, I've started a marking system so I know which way to pass them as I've sort of become the gatekeeper of the books, so once I've read them, they get marked with a X, when they come in from my mum they get a O and from my aunt a _. Once they've got the 3 marks they can go to friends who can pass them on and I can welcome new books back into the fold.

61 Hours - Lee Child. 61 Hours to solve the crime. Two good people get killed along the way and the book ends with us not knowing if Reacher survives a blast or not.

Angels - Marian Keyes. A marriage ends or does it. A new life calls in California. Is it an opportunity for a new life or can you never escape reality?

The Midnight Line - Lee Child. A chance find in a pawn shop takes Reacher down a dark road of discovery.

May 2024

There has been a lot of research into autism awareness and training this month, so no books read in the first 3 weeks, but I hope to rectify that with a week off school the last week of the month. I needed to read 4 books in that time. I do like a challenge. I managed 3. I read one a day.

The man who dies twice - Richard Osman. Elizabeths ex husband comes back into her life with stories about stolen diamonds, mobsters and a threat to his life. 

My sister, the serial killer. Every time the younger sister ends a relationship, she kills the boyfriend, then calls her older sister to clear up the scene and remove the body. 

The vow - Debbie Howells. Two weeks before their wedding Amy's fiancé, Matt disappears. he's been leading a double life, but it goes far deeper than that.

June 2024

I've picked up the last two Thursday Murder Club books to read this month. 


  1. I've set a reading target for the first time in a long time - not as many as you though - about half as many, but I'm already 3 books down. My trouble is once I start I find it hard to stop, and everything else gets in the way! #PoCoLo

    1. I'm struggling with the reading this year, not really found the right set of books yet

  2. I'm so impressed with the number of books you have read - brilliant. I tend to read before I go to sleep which probably isn't the best time! I have managed to read four books since Christmas but I was gifted several from my 'want to read list'. I couldn't wait to start reading them! #pocolo

    1. 4 books to start is good going. I think I'm at 8/9 now middle of march

  3. I didn't set a target for myself. But I did join an online book club. I've been in a reading funk and thought reading with others and discussing would hold me to my accountability. I thought it might be fun too.
    Visiting today from PoCoLo #9&10

  4. The Girl with All the Gifts is a book I've always wanted to read, I love Richard Osman, but the first book I found a little really does get so much better as they go along and without the first book none of it would make sense. You do really well to read so much. I wish I could

    1. I've just bought the other 3 books to read, I've been told by lots of people they're worth reading

  5. You've read some fun books this year! I love the variety! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I really enjoy reading a wide selection of literature