Tuesday 25 January 2011


I’ve blogged before about body scanners at airports and I don’t have a problem with them at all, and we were all quite disappointed on this occasion not to pass through them, Alex and I set the alarm off, and we were’ wanded’ and patted down....I had to give permission for Alex, he had a £1 coin in his pocket, I had metal studs on my boots, Dan sailed through and Peter, who sets the scanners off every bloody flight, passed through without incident only to be told we search people randomly and today we choose you.
We had a piece of hand luggage each and 4 laptops, an Xbox, a stereo, a hand help computer, various articles of clothing and even a cuddly toy on the conveyor belt..it took bloody ages to repack.

The flight with Air France was fantastic, we had wine and snacks, arrived at Charles de Gaulle and found a pod I could go and have a smoke in...before I lit up I inhaled at least 1 cigarette from the last visitor in there.
We flew on the airbus, on the lower deck and the flight was almost empty, we spread ourselves out and managed to lie down across the seats and get a decent kip, this was after the glass of champagne and dinner washed down with yet more wine and a movie.
Dan and I kept looking at one another and taking it in turns to cry, with relief that we were finally going, the family we will miss, then bursting into giggles at the thought of what we were doing...moving to the other side of the world to a country we’d never even visited.