Wednesday 5 January 2011

Why do I blog?

I tend to blog when I post a tweet and get several replies and it's easier to blog than it is to reply to everyone. I also tend blog when things are getting me down and I need to get stuff off my chest.

What do I like about a blog?

I don't read alot of blogs these days, to be honest they infuriate me. Been there, done that. 'My child isn't sleeping' 'I co-sleep do you?' 'at what age should I allow my child to watch TV?' then there's all the 'my child is so...funny/clever/talented' yuk yuk yuk. This is just my opinion and whether you agree with the statements above or not I'm not really see, wait till your kids get older and become teens, but until that happens you'll read my posts and say 'I won't let that happen' or 'I will raise my kids better than that so they don't behave that way'

So what do I want?

I want to read honest posts, no holding back, can't abide those tweets that read 'need inspiration for a blog post'

So if you feel like me or think you have something I might like to read then do let me know.