Tuesday 25 January 2011

Saying good bye

Can’t stand this hanging around, it’s driving me mad. The four of us moved out of a 6 bed house last week and came to Manchester to a 2 bed flat, the kids are sharing a bed, they are 15 & 11, we have 1 TV and 2 bathrooms, we are all getting on one another’s nerves, there’s no bloody internet, mobile phone reception is poor and I have to keep going outside to smoke, down two flights of stairs, spend more time out than in.
Bloody removal firm said they would be very busy after Christmas so needed to empty house so they could ship our stuff out in the New Year...then informed us...they can’t ship it out till they get our visas....FFS.
After spending the week driving round the UK, some very painful farewells for the kids, dropping off additional forms then finally collecting the visas...we were driving back to Manchester Friday evening when the phone rang from SA, ‘we’ve hired a car for you, you do have International driving licences, don’t you?’
Please stop making us jump through hoops...can’t wait to get out there now and start the next chapter.