Monday 10 January 2011

An update on the update of the update

For those of you that read 'An update of the update on the move to South Africa' last week, this is what we're doing now.

Left the house yesterday and now staying in company flat in Manchester, it's a two bed and the kids are not only sharing a room, which is alien to them, they are also sharing a bed.

Some major tears last night and the boys, Dan aged 15 and Alex aged 11, sat and cuddled on the sofa for most of the evening as they had said goodbye to their dad and blamed me as he drove away.

Normal service soon resumed and kids were arguing, then Alex disappeared and refused to come from under the bed. A bit of furniture moving followed and I managed to find a BT hot spot, internet connected, text to dad to tell him to go on skype and for the next hour Alex giggled away, then went to bed happily.

Hubby is in Dublin today with work and the boys and I are off to the Trafford Centre today. We are anxiously waiting the email which says Alex has passed his exam and we can formally offer you a school place in the year above, they are full in his school year, as/when that happens we drive to London on Wednesday present our final documentation and they then tell us when the visas are ready. Maybe in a few hours, maybe the following day, maybe next week. Then it's book the flights and off we go.

If we don't get the school place we have some back up plans, get a place at another school that has space for him, no exam required, go to London and follow as above.

Will keep you all posted.