Wednesday 20 April 2011

and every time we think it cant get any worse....

Can't adopt a dog from the SPCA...our Visa is only for two years
Can't Visa says visitor only
Alex has been poorly all week, don't know what's wrong with him, but at least it's not Visa related, temp of 38.7c
It's nearly winter...OK the sun still shines and the temps are in the 20s
The internet is bloody useless, keeps cutting out
The power keeps going off
The post is very very slow in reaching us...feels like we've been forgotten
Salary keeps getting buggered up
Hubby has had a tax bill from the UK
Discovery are still make legal demands from Dans hospital visit the first week we here
The house we are renting has dodgy electrics
and then this happened:

a loose glass panel decided to smash on the patio below, thankfully Alex didn't go over the top with it...I am so bloody angry