Wednesday 13 April 2011

WTF? You've obviously got issues.

I tweeted this last night....Spelling mistakes and all

'oh it got dark quick got to drive home now abd avoid the idiots #thisisafrica no such thing as MOTs abd working headlights'

How the fact is that offensive? and has caused one person to block me and another to have a right go at me on twitter

The #hashtag #thisisafrica was mentioned to me by a South African friend from Cape Town now living in Canada....they explained to me that everything you've ever experienced is different in Africa (South Africa) I've seen the hashtag used in many tweets and my use of it is to explain to people (manily people in the UK) that when something gets me down, or is difficult or is so very different from the UK, that I'm not judging the country for it's faults I'm letting the reader know that I understand it is different here..

Oh and the bit about the working headlights is annual vehicle checks like MOTs or equivalant here...and the reference to the idiots is aimed at the people who drive without headlights...not all people in South ner