Thursday 28 April 2011

But I'm English

'what do I need to get a mobile phone on contract?'
3 months of bank statements, proof of address, ID
*presents documents*
'I can't give you a wage slip, you never said I needed a wage slip, Im not allowed to work, FFS ok I'll get my husband to take contract out in his name'
*gets letter from husband giving permission to obtain bank statements, 3 months worth and stamped by bank*
'here you go, all documents present and correct, what do you mean proof of address is in the wrong name? Why can't you accept it?'
*trundles home to get proof of address*
'you're having a laugh, I can't what?....take out a 24 month contract as I've only got 21 months left on visa, you made ne wait 3 months to get the bank statements'