Tuesday 12 April 2011

'Can I use your loo?'

So picture the scene, you have workmen, visitors, family etc in your house...

'May I just pop to the loo?'

'Of course, 2nd door on the left...or turn right at the top of the stairs'

Now me personally if it's family or friends, yes upstairs, if it's workmen then it's the downstairs option only.

What goes through your mind as they go off to the loo?

Is it clean, is there a towel, did the kids piss all over the floor again...panic, panic...you meant to check it before they came round didn't you?

So your visitor has a dump, you know this because they've been up there for ages....after they've gone you check the loo...OK maybe not...but the next time you use it there's a slight odour, but you can smell the air freshener used to mask it, the sink may or may not have been swilled through, the towel may have dropped on the floor and maybe they've used the bleach and the toilet brush after them...... well you know what you'd do when using someones elses house that's why you go to the trouble of putting all the stuff there, cos you use it and do that after you've had a dump in your own toilet, so why wouldn't anyone else.

Well if you live in a shed if your really lucky, or a badly constructed lean too with a corrugated roof or really unlucky a cardboard one....(just remember we've just finished the rainy season)...you're going to have a total different set of standards and values aren't you?...and this is why the gardener will not be using my toilet again...I've spoken with the neighbours and their maid is going to open up their outside toilet for him to use.