Monday 11 April 2011

If you don't want my comment don't post in my timeline

I don't just link this blog to twitter...I have a lot of family and friends that read our adventures in South Africa, the only comments I recieve are if they think I've mentioned them in a negative light or they don't agree with my opinion....but for those of you that tweet, you'll know I talk about all sort of stuff that doesn't make it onto the blog as it's usaully 'in reply' to comments on twitter or when a topic has really wound me up and I need more than 140 characters...well here's my latest rant....

I can't read your DM's, I can't see you emails and I'm not privvy to your text messages, phone calls or face to face meetings....If you post a comment on twitter or even facebook for that matter, you will recieve a reation, people will either agree with you in which case you'll gain new followers and friends and you'll gush at the responses, you'll thank people for their help and support and you'll blog 'I knew I was a good mummy' but if you get a negative response or an honest response or someone suggests a way to do something that you just don't'll unfollow, you'll get upset, you'll post 'revenge' comments, you'll gather support from the first lot, who without any investigation will take your side and join in with the 'oh, just ignore them' 'who do they think they are'

I saw a few tweets that caused me great concern, I was worried for the individuals safety and the welfare of their young children, I suspected Post Natal Depression and asked a few people on twitter via DM for some advice...I was a family support worker for many years and yes I am qualified not to make a diagnosis but when to know something just isn't right...well I made a suggestion...stop tweeting and go see your doctor, midwife, husband, parents...yoou need help and twitter isn't giving you what you's just telling you 'you're ok, carry on you're doing a marvellous job as a mummy'

they blocked me, told me to mind my own business... dont fucking put it on twitter then in the public timeline...but mission complete...they were away from twitter for a while, returned and announced they had PND and now in the process of trwatment and therapy and thanking everyone on twitter for their kind words...they haven't unblocked me, but I do wish those that said 'carry on' had said the right words instead of what they just thought the other person needed to hear.

oh and for those of you that do join in with the assination of someone who showed genuine concern, please read the whole conversation (in reply to ) before you jump on the bandwagon.