Monday 11 April 2011

Who would've thought it?

Guess you know the story by now, but 6 months ago we were ticking along nicely in the UK, kids in school, Dan in his final year, Alex in his first at secondary, Jamie left home and moved to Reading, Andrew based in Germany waiting for his call up to Afghan and Steph settled over in Gloucester....fantastic support from family and very dear friends. Peter in his 25th year with the company and more and more opportunities to travel and I was at the start of a promising career in Child Welfare, some part time lecturing and nearing the end of my degree in Psychology and Criminology.

Then one day back in October, Peter and Alex came to pick me up from work one and blurted out 'We've just had a call, how do you fancy moving to South Africa?'

3 months later we left the UK and arrived at Jo'burg airport, now 3 months on, kids are settled in school, Peter still travelling, already been to Cape Town and Port Elizabeth and back to the UK via a conferance in Lisbon. We all went to Durban when Jamie came to visit, Andrew due out soon, my parents in June and Peter's mum and sister in July. I'm still studying for my degree and life in general couldn't get any better...there have been some low points (see previous blogs) but we've moved on now and ready and more prepared for the next challenge.