Monday 11 April 2011

Go ahead unfollow if you want

So many more people are more open these days and with the advances in technology and social networking you are never more than a few tweets/status up dates/google searches away from the answer.

But please be careful..there is too much information out there and before you know it you've convinced yourself you've got cancer/your child is autistic/you're allergic to the 21st Century.

My reasons for writing this post are to ask some of you...and please don't ask if I mean you? STOP treating your children as mini adults, to STOP labelling them as talented/special needs/allergic/angels etc etc......let them be kids, let them grow up without Kumon lessons and ballet classes, let them be them and not little versions of what you wanted to be....give up the labels...they are self imposed, STOP comparing and competing...even if you don't think you are some of you really don't know how much upset you cause others with your comments....

You're children are beautiful, they are precious, of course you would die to protect them...just remember not everyone else will see them that way...and that is life

Geninue allergies (life threatening) and Special needs with Statements are excluded from all above comments.