Wednesday 20 April 2011

Moving on.....

So the kids are settled in school, made friends, Dan is playing every sport under the sun (quite literally) Peter is busy with his work.....I’ve found us a house to rent, sorted out all the utility bills (see previous comments for the hassles there) unpacked all the furniture, made it ‘Home’...wrote 55 letters to family and friends, posted hundreds of photos on facebook and squillions of updates on now what?

I’m bored, I’m lonely......’it’ll be ok, lucky you not having to work, you’ve got the glorious sunshine, what more could you ask for?’

Oh I don’t know maybe a bit of understanding about what it’s like to go from full time working Mum of xx amount of children.....cook, cleaner and bottle washer, student, taxi driver, social what exactly?.....Peter takes the kids to school at 6.30am every morning and I collect at 4pm, then it’s off to soccer for Dan, dragging a protesting Alex what’s new there then?....It’s a long 9 and a half hours to be alone every day...I’ve written back to everyone that’s written to me...I’ve shopped and posted pressies...feeling a little guilty about moving so far away...the house is spotless, so come whenever you like, you won’t catch me out...well maybe there will be ironing but there’s plenty of places to hide it.

So as I’m not getting the sympathy I so crave (you know who you are) I’ve got 1 option which is to just bloody well get on with it...people aren’t going to come and find me if they don’t know I’m that leaves me 2 choices...and as I can’t play golf for toffee...I’m going to join the gym........