Wednesday 22 June 2011

The computer says NO

I’m getting things done, but it takes forever. I’m not South African, I don’t understand the culture, I don’t know the procedures and I’ve got no-one to ask for help from.
I’ve met a couple of people that look like they’re going to be good friends, but I’m too scared I’ll frighten them off. I can’t ask them to take contracts out in their names, I don’t know them well enough or them me, plus I’ll never get a credit history that way.
Also everyone tells me, yes everything takes longer here, but trust me as soon as you produce a non south African ID and a 2 year visitor stops..that’s it nothing...
Twice now we’ve been refused a mobile phone contract with Vodacom and so far no one will tell us why, just not enough paperwork...WTF? tell me what additional paperwork I need and I’ll bloody well go and get it..FFS
Complain, told to call customer Services who promptly tell me the store has the info...
So if anyone has any advice or is a non south African on a 2 year visa and has a mobile phone contract please get in touch and let me know how