Saturday 18 June 2011

How to be the perfect guest

Remember your host is NOT on holiday

Pay your way, buy coffees and insist on taking everyone out for a meal at least once

Don't buy your own goodies and hide them in your room, remember you're eating the food they paid for

Don't take the last, or use the last of anything

If your host offers toast and cereals for breakfast, don't go asking for a bacon sandwich

If you have food preferences or allergies it is YOUR responsibility to inform your host BEFORE you arrive

If you detect tension, take your book to your room, walk their dog (if they have one) or the kids to the park

Allow your hosts a bit of space, remember one or both may still be going to work daily and running around after kids etc, again you're on holiday their not

Tidy up after yourself, your host ISN'T your Mother and even if she is, you've left home now