Wednesday 22 June 2011

You haven't changed a bit

I’m 40 on what? begins at 40...actually I think that depends what side of 40 one
‘Oh you don’t look a day over......’ ‘why thank you’...liar...I don’t need to feel better....I have no thoughts of being 40...well maybe I feel a bit of a grown up now, but then I’ve had 3 kids leave home...’oh you don’t look old enough’ I’m not
I was asked on twitter this evening if I had any nice plans...and as it happens, Yes, I do...however my family have other ideas, I NEED banners and balloons, a big cake with 40 on it, a nice quiet meal at the golf club and I’ve already had my presents....I bought my own (get what I want that way)
So I’m going to let them put the banners up, I’ll laugh at the ‘old age’ cards, I’ll smile, I’ll stuff my face with cake...