Wednesday 22 June 2011

Car tax/Vehicle licence disc

‘You need to bring your car in for an AA pre sale safety check’ or something like that...’OK’
In the meantime I’m trying to renew my yearly little disc that goes in the front window of the car, I assume it’s the same as the car tax in the UK but costs far less than the UK and it’s renewed every year.
So I go to the post office, explain, get given form and that’s that....
Return with form complete..VIN number required plus loads of other stuff I don’t understand, ask at the local cafe, ask the garage, ask the neighbour..but I don’t have a form like that, where do I get that info from..return with forms and cash (they don’t take card payments) verified copy of Peters passport, stamped and in triplicate (I’m learning fast)..but the passport number didn’t fit the ID box so turned away...’we need more info’...someone anyone please tell me what info
Contact the garage...we don’t have the paperwork from the bank about the loan we took out for part payment of the car....’oh that’s cos your husband has only just provided us with the paperwork to prove he’s eligible to buy a car’ yeah 3 months after you sold us the bloody thing and no one told us, so garage hand over bank paperwork.
Then there’s something about a safety check certificate..arhhh suddenly making sense now.
So I arrive at the garage on Friday, I ask to speak to the manager, I explain what has happened, how cross I am, that they let me take a vehicle without the correct safety checks and documentation and they take the car to The AA for the checks, the paperwork and the tax thingy and call me today to tell me the disc the paperwork etc etc is waiting for me to collect them first thing in the morning.