Wednesday 22 June 2011

It’s all coming together

Can’t say too much but things here are going to get better.
Company will help with mobiles...won’t pay it or take it out in their name but can act as guarantor to enable us to get contracts. I’ve had a chance to off load which makes me feel better...The word sorry really does help.
But 2 weeks on..nothing has happened....ok I need to find out what Vodacom actually want from us, they’ve had all the documents they’ve requested and I even offered to take a vial of the kids blood in with me. Also all the ‘other stuff’ that we raised was going to be investigated so going to have to chase that up.
SAFA’s local office were refusing to register Dan as he is a foreigner, I asked for an explanation and as some of you know I ‘KNOW’ my stuff when it comes to football and Child Welfare. I was shouted at...I was told ‘I’m not registering him as I don’t like you’ OK mate you’ll like me even less in a minute. I called SAFA, they emailed the info I needed, I gave it to TUK’s, who were very grateful for my intervention and I informed SAFA if I don’t get either a) my son registered to play non league football or b) a full and legal explanation I shall be going to FIFA and both the English and South African Media with my story of discrimination.
2 weeks ago we also finally got a refund for a dining room table we bought that they failed to deliver, it took 4 weeks again of threats of legal action before the money was refunded...but the biggest shock came when I ordered and paid for a table the same day and it was delivered only half hour late 3 days later...what then followed was storms and freezing was here I’ve told has said that is ‘unheard of’
The medical aid is now sorted...tah dah...however we’re nearly at our self payment gap as we weren’t told that if we’d kept Dan in hospital overnight, all the scans and xrays wouldn’t have been charged to our account...ffs..I’ve managed the dentists so far but still have to register with a Doctor and it’s not as easy as it sounds.
I’ve been promised a change to my visa, I’ve found a really good charity shop near by, I’ve made friends with a woman from Peters work, I’ve met the daughter of a bloke my father used to work with when he was over here and I’m off for coffee/wine at the neighbours house next week...
...but this will only all get done, if I keep nagging, threatening, making an effort, contacting, getting out there, researching, pushing...but I’m bloody good at stuff like that...I’ve got us this far after