Thursday 13 December 2012

Christmas in the sun

This is our second Christmas in South Africa. I remarried in 2002 and since then I think Hubby and I have only had all the 5 children together just the once on Christmas eve till Boxing day. As the kids lived with us all year round (my 3 from previous marriage and his 2) we thought it only fair that the ex's should/could have the kids if it so suited everyone. Hubby and I spent Christmas with my Gran, parents, friends, hotels, neighbours or just on our own at home.

Not only is it very alien to us to be putting up the tree when temperatures outside are 30c, it was also very strange for us last year as it was our first Christmas in ages we spent with the kids, just the 2 youngest ones. The children and I were in the UK from the end of Nov till 23rd Dec 2011. We had numerous family Christmas's and were slightly worn out with it all when we got back.

The decorations were up, we exchanged gifts in the morning, skyped, had lunch, full roast, it was 30c, then hubby and I went to a pool party in Jo'burg while the kids stayed at home watching TV and playing their new games.

This year will be different again. Christmas isn't happening until January 2nd when the boys return from visiting their Dad in the UK. The decorations are up, gifts bought, we will collect the kids from the airport in the morning, open presents, cook lunch, which I'm planning to eat outdoors by the pool and that will be that.

But what will hubby and I do? Well we are driving through South Africa at the moment, currently in Port Elizabeth then the Garden Route to Cape Town. We arrive back home on Dec 21st. Hubby has a few meetings and I shall be baking cakes to deliver to @kwo_org and sorting and delivering an additional 26 shoe boxes full of christmas gifts to an orphanage in Hammaskraal.

New Year will be very quiet for us, as normally we invite the neighbours and friends round with their kids for a party, but this year we will be up in Kruger National Park in a lodge, enjoying the last few days of silence.


  1. Love the pictures of your decorations. I don't think it would feel right putting them up in 30C :-)
    Hope you enjoy your few days of silence and have a peaceful and successful 2013.
    Suz x

  2. I agree, it must be very strange having a Christmas tree in 30 celsius.