Sunday 30 December 2012

New Year in South Africa

Happy New Year everyone

Tasks for 2013
Stop smoking (properly this time)
Get fit
Lose weight
Stop yelling at the kids
Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Right got that off my

How do you celebrate New Year as an expat?

Last year we had no friends :-) so like Christmas, the New Year was a quiet affair. This year I have a feeling it's going to be different. This year we've had numerous offers. We accepted the first one that came our way and probably out of all the offers this is our preferred choice as it happens. Watch out @dorettenel you may regret this.

I don't know what the customs are here in South Africa. Should I turn up with a piece of coal, expect everyone to know the words to Auld Lang Syne?

All I know is we've been invited to a Braai, bring your own meat, drink and snack bowl for the table.

Sounds like my kinda party, food, friends, alcohol. Doesn't really matter what the occassion is, does it?

Are you an expat or visiting family or friends abroad over the New Year? What do you expect from the New Year Celebrations? Are you in a country where you can't drink alcohol? Does that dampen the festivities? Or are you tucked up in bed already?


  1. Hello !
    I'm gonna walk into the new year together with my lovely girlfriend and some very good friends. My friends have promised us good food from the wildernes (elk steak). At midnight we will be outdoors and sit in the snow on a hill close to their home and watch all the fireworks. We dont have to climb up to that small hill, and I don't gonna start smoking either. But a few drinks I'm sure it's gonna be. Knuttyknutty @KnutRoger HAPPY NEW YEAR ;-)

    1. Hope you have a fab new year also both you and your girlfriend