Monday 24 December 2012

Does being a Blogger qualify you as an expert?

I've been going on a bit about this recently and the non professional, professionals with their blogs and guest appearances on local radio and in local newspapers giving out advice and information on how to...just about bloody anything and everything. From toilet training (they do it at different ages) to how to explain death to a young child after the Connecticuit tradegy (the news contains graphic images and stories, don't act so surprised) What scares me is that some of you actually listen to these people, they've read an article online or in a magazine and are now 'experts' advising you how to do it, without even bloody refences to it) when in fact they are parents of 2.4 children, SAHMs and usually married to their childhood sweetheart and list Blogging as a profession.

They are the type of person that depresses others, causes anxieties and worries parents who didn't realise their child was a week late with their milestones. They just blog about their personal experiences and I for one think they should make that clear at the start of the blog and not try to pass themselves off as an expert.

Now I like blogs with personal exeriences of raising children with disabilities, home schooling, how they handle a prem birth, death of a sibling/parent/family member. I think they are beneficial, they help others in a similar situation understand they are not alone, that there are others out there they can reach out to.

There's always been competition with parents starting at play groups then moving into the play ground from 'how old before dry at night?' to 'ooooh Tarquin is a free reader and fluent in Zulu and he's not 5 yet' These comments caused issues, concern, but we didn't believe there was something not quite right about our child and there weren't that many of them. There were just as many issues back then with raising children and we shared this is what/how we did things, things we tried that worked and/or failed with dealing with colic, projectile vomiting. We knew the mums in the playgroup weren't experts, they had valuable advice to share and for us to pass on but make sure you as the parent take the responsibility and go speak to a professional if you read anything in a blog or on twitter that makes you think your child isn't developing correctly, don't just listen to 'feed them a spoonful of milk freshly squeezed from a gnat, twice daily until their stools turn purple' because if you think about it, that's exactly what they are saying.

I'm NOT anti blogging, I do it. I write about my life and family experiences. I am a SAHM, I bake, I sew, I do volunteer work and I blog about it, but I don't tell you how it should be done, because my way isn't always the right way for anyone else. I just wish other people would realise that also, before some harm is done.


  1. It's all about one little word, substitute 'could' for should and then you become a helpful blogger, at least in my opinion.

    1. Oh for sure. I worry about how many people worry when they dont need to our even worse fail to seek assistance