Thursday 20 December 2012

All I want for Christmas.........

I've come across several blog hops recently for Christmas Wish lists and everyone has wanted me to embed a code and in exchange they will give me a shiny new badge (note the sarcasm). I've read some of these blogs and they're not wish lists they're want lists, sponsored posts, so I'm staying clear of them.
I am fortunate to live in South Africa with my husbands job, two of our children have better opportunities here than they did back in the UK. But I've been lonely, depressed and lost my identity along the way, mainly down to the fact I can't work, I feel all purpose has been lost.

But I don't need to work for financial reasons anymore and still afford a comfortable life. It's 6 days before Christmas we have spent the last two weeks travelling the South Coast and are currently in Cape Town. The children are in the UK till the New Year and I've stopped feeling sorry for myself.

I've made friends and found a purpose and that's giving something back. I can't change the world, end poverty so that's not on my wish list, but I can help to put a smile on people's faces, by giving my time, using my skills, knowledge and qualifications to support people living in poverty.

So, what do I want for Christmas?

Zip lock bags
Elastic bands
Disposable razors
Stationery items
Cake ingredients

Simple stuff.

I baked nearly 2000 cakes for children in the townships. People know my name, even if I can't remember theirs. I helped a Christmas Shoebox project collect and disrubte 6000 gifts to children living in poverty, with AIDS, orphans and next year I want to be able to give more.

I'm starting with lesson plans, delivering lifeskills, sex education, supporting adults with disabilities by making and selling crafts (mainly bags, I've discovered a hidden talent for sewing).

I don't know how you can help me, send me the things I need, get money to me. It's reached a stage now where doing all these things has now become a full time job and I'm spending a full time salary on doing so.

So don't offer me a shiny badge, but I am prepared to promote you and your company in exchange for some support, but please don't offer me things that I can't use for others, I'm not interested for myself.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and keep checking back here.




  1. Those bags look lovely. Have you thought of building a webshop to sell them?

    (I would love to buy one if the shipping costs aren't too high and they come with a few extra pockets on them, so I can use them for my work)

    1. I start learning how to do pockets next week, have a few visitors over next few months that can post from uk

  2. Replies
    1. need to plug this a bit more to local companies