Sunday 23 December 2012

What's the worse thing that can happen to your child if they don't......?

Get the lead role in the Christmas play? Give the best and most. expensive gift to the teacher at the end of term? Have the best costume? Win all the races on sports day? Have THAT toy/gadget/latest craze? Take part in every after school club? Swim/dance/karate/kumon?

Nothing......unless of course they are forced to live with a stressed out, neuortic parent that feels they are a failure because their child isn't the most popular/intelligent/prettiest child in the world. Or even worse one that constantly tells their child to take part in things they don't want to and force them to be someone they're not.

There's an easy way to resolve this. Either join the PTA, make cash donations to the school, buy a pair of Birkenstocks, drive a 4x4 and own the latest handbag. Because that's what you tell yourself is the reason why your child misses out on everything.

And stop listening to the 'Professionals' (other parents) on twitter and facebook and in the playground who half the time are telling you a bunch of lies because it's all about them and not their child anyway.

If you think I'm talking about YOU, then you might like to see if you're what I considered to be a Yummy Mummy also.


  1. Excellent post! I particularly like the comment about the 'Professionals'.

    1. did you read this post also?