Friday 22 November 2013

Help save the Rhinos.

#RhinoFriday What do you know about it and what use is a hashtag?

I saw this update on my face book this morning by Africa, this is why I live here. One of my biggest pet hates is posts that say 'like this if you care' I don't see how they do anything, I know it raises awareness and gets people talking, but we need to get people doing things not just discussing how terrible it all is.

So at the suggestion of 'Africa, this is why I live here' and less than 2 weeks ago we went to Pilanesberg for a day safari and were stopped by Rangers for a spot search of our vehicle to ensure we weren't carrying a rifle. We discovered only 4 days later 2 Rhinos were mindlessly killed for their horns which have no medicinal properties what so ever, that's 848 this year so far.

I emailed Albi Modise – Chief Director: Communications/Spokesperson at National Department of Environmental Affairs
requesting the department consider making Rhinos a protected species to save them from extinction.
Feel free to cut and paste into your own email. It takes a few minutes and could stop this mindless and pointless murder of such a wonderful animal.

'It is clear that Rhino's need to be made a protected species. With 848 poached in South Africa to date, with figures doubling year on year, the time has come to step up and outlaw this poaching. Education is needed so people understand there are no medicinal properties in Rhino horn and their senseless slaughter is barbaric.

A zero tolerance policy must be enforced and those caught poaching along with those issuing the orders must be named and shamed for the world to see'

I'll leave you with a selection of Rhino's I have photographed in Kruger, Pilanesburg and Reitvlei.

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